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The FCN, FCN-RTU, and FCJ STARDOM, The Yokogawa controllers platform to increase uptime, reduce inventory and maintenance workload

If you are practitioner in the automation industry then you must familiar with Yokogawa as a leading control company and pioneer in the development of distributed control systems for the monitoring and control of processes in a broad range of production facilities. Many industries ranging from the oil, chemical, natural gas, electric power, iron and steel, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, food, and other industries get benefits solutions based on measurement and control technologies that make more efficient in the production process.

FCN, FCN-RTU, FCJ STARDOM of Yokogawa Controllers

Yokogawa offers The FCN, FCN-RTU, and FCJ STARDOM controllers platform  that brings you the many benefits such as  increased uptime and reduced inventory,  reducing engineering and maintenance workload and enhanced capability to respond in a timely. How can be like that? Detail explanation can be shown as below:

FCN controller that completed by optional redundant configuration

FCN is solution to protect your controller from Redundant Applications because CPU automatically detects this and takes over control without interrupting your process. The field control node (FCN) autonomous controller is supported by Automatic switchover to stand-by CPU. This makes process continue without interruption even when a damaged module is replaced, so that down time machine can be reduced effectively.

This device has function as redundant controller that completed by optional redundant configuration. User can easy for setting two expansion units for additional I/O points with variety of I/O modules.

FCN-RTU, lower power consumption apllication wide different temperature range

FCN-RTU has been completed with A 256 MHz, 32 bit RISC processor. It ensure your system will run smoothly, catch high performance result and low power consumption. This device is applicable in remote locations because can be used in wide different temperature range : -40°C to 70°C, altitudes up to 3,000 m, Built-in I/O channels, and 3 or 8 open I/O slots and was supported by battery monitoring 12 AI, 2 AO, 16 DI, 8 DO, 2 PI, 1 AI with three slots modular architecture.

It needs lower power supply consumption so that no worry to be used in 3 RS232, 1 RS422/485, and 1 Ethernet ports application, which is dominant factor can be turned off. In many application this FCN-RTU compatible with four serial I/O ports and one Ethernet port for higher connection data access and meet the requirements of SCADA applications.

FCJ as ideal application that was completed by redundant network ports and built-in I/O channels

In some cases, control system facing problems with redundant networks in the critical applications which need solution. FJC completed by FOUNDATION™ fieldbus and other I/O ports, 24 V DC power supply, and 2 Ethernet ports, 2 RS-232-C ports is ideal to solve this condition. Because it was designed for use as a hybrid controller in small and critical applications and connected via multiple Ethernet ports. So that this All-in-one Controller with network redundancy device can reduce your TCO because completed by redundant network ports and built-in I/O channels


The FCN, FCN-RTU, and FCJ STARDOM controllers platform from Yokogawa is really reliable for measuring instruments. This product can support automation industry to increase uptime, reduce inventory, and maintenance workload with products and specification as mention above. Overall these products if used in the proper application based on guideline will be able to enhance capability of responding in a timely based. It used for the development and production of electrical, electronic, and others automotive equipment around the world.


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