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SCADA Building Automation System Application in the Energy Management Platform for Intelligent Buildings

Scarce energy issues require a breakthrough in the management of energy-saving and efficient. One method is the application of energy efficient SCADA control system in intelligent buildings. There are many devices in a smart building that can be controlled by a SCADA system in a way to integrate various types of information and process it into an intelligent control system that includes the control of ventilation, temperature, lighting and so on. SCADA-based control process is developed by means of implementing hierarchical cascade controller in which the inner loop performed by a local PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), and the outer loop is managed by a centralized SCADA system, which interact with the entire network of local PLC.

Detailed application based on SCADA control system in intelligent building can be seen as the following example:

6 SCADA Building Automation

1. Water Network

In the water network, Reservoirs and water distribution can be implemented using SCADA. SCADA systems are used to monitor and control the water flow rate, high reservoir pressure in the pipes and various other factors.

2. Temperature Control

SCADA can control the use of multiple air conditioning in every room by reading the temperature sensors in each room, and then can control the air conditioning whether to turn on or off so that the use of electrical energy can be saved.

3. Lighting Control

SCADA can control the lights, when the lights will be turn on and off position. In fact, everyone in the building can control the lights with the help of an existing gadget. So, if someone forgot to turn off lights that can be turned off automatically. In addition the control system can also be made to the scheme of the lights will work automatically if the room is known to human existence. Automatic light control is done by infrared sensors that function to calculate the number of people in the room and as the giver sensor data input switch to turn on or off position automatically.

4. Electric Network

SCADA systems are used to detect the amount of current and voltage, circuit breaker operational monitoring and to turn off / turn on the power grid of the building.

5. Gas Network

The use of gas for cooking purposes in a controlled manner can use SCADA control system. Application of this system is the Automatic Gas Stove for Safety. This stove can be operated in 3 modes items, namely manual, automatic, and use a timer. In the manual mode setting like a gas stove burner in general. While in the automatic mode operating mechanism based on the presence or absence of equipment cooking on the stove. When using the automatic mode the stove will turn on when there is equipment cooking on the stove based on setting period. But if there is no equipment to cook on the stove or the equipment had been moved after the completion of cooking, the oven will turn off automatically. This mode can be selected to minimize the risk of accidents stove exploded because users forget to turn off the stove.

6. Computer Network

Computer networks in the room can be controlled automatically using SCADA systems.  Usage mechanism of computer with a centralized server which each person in the building who has a computer can connect to a central server. In this case SCADA can control the use of computers per everyone, even SCADA is able to shutdown in each person if unused computer automatically based on the parameters of activity whether or not the activity data usage in the computer so that the use of electricity can be saved.


Making the smart home based SCADA aims to enable people to confront problems such as the current setting e.g. security and energy use. Security is a matter to be considered by everyone as the crime rate increases. Saving energy consumption is also important for future life.

From the manufacture of intelligent home-based SCADA software can be concluded that the tool is going according to plan-making. It is suggested in this SCADA program design should be examined in advance in the use of components. In the implementation tool manufacture and SCADA programs must be closely monitored progress of the work is in accordance with the plan or not, because it affects the turnaround time of making these tools.


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