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The Five Emerson Industrial Automation Controller in the intelligent motion modules for automation and motion control application

In the global era, we need more than just better quality and lower cost, but the trend has been gone to increase machine reliability and availability. Automation industries should be aware to this change. If not, they can not survived. Recently Control Techniques programmable PLC automation and motion control option make automation practitioner tends to take this challenge. Emerson Industrial Automation is one of pioneer that offer the most trusted and innovative brands in power generation, electrical protection, power quality, fluid automation, materials joining, precision cleaning and machine motion.

Emerson Motion Controls

This company offer 5 items in the intelligent motion modules with description as below:

SM-Applications Plus with high speed multi-tasking operating system

SM-Applications Plus feature real time control system with a key benefit to all of the drive’s parameters, plus access to data from I/O and other drives that makes this applicable for multi purposes application. This was supported by module uses a high speed multi-tasking operating system with task update times as low as 250μs that makes it as best choice for this application.

For higher performance, this intelligent drive systems offering flexible peer to peer communications with two digital inputs and two digital outputs for high-speed I/O operations including a high speed drive-to-drive network called CTNet. Connection device to others parts are compatible with serial communications port supporting standard protocols such as Modbus for connection to external devices. This standard protocols act as as operator interface panels.

SM-Applications Lite V2, automation system requires standalone drive applications

Sometimes, automation system requires standalone drive applications. This system occurs when the drive is connected to a centralized controller via I/O or Fieldbus. The obstacles of this design is SM-Applications Lite may be programmed using ladder logic with SyPTLite, so that user need full automation and motion capabilities contained within SyPTPro software. One of solution can be taken is using SM-Applications Lite V2.

This application can be used to tackle automation problems from simple start/stop sequencing with a single drive to more complex machine and motion control applications that might be occurred frequently in the standalone drive applications. Many benefits such as real-time access to all of the drive’s parameters, plus access to data from I/O and other drives are smart solution in this case.

SM-Register for high performance solution for programmable motion

Programmable Automation and Motion Control from Emerson Industrial Automation is the best choice for printing, packaging and cutting machinery application. One of device supports this function is SM-Register that provides flexible, high performance solution for programmable motion requiring high speed registration features.

Control Techniques’ Advanced Position Controller (APC) application enables programmable control system defined units in the two fully independent registration capture channels and Storage for 256 events per channel, microseconds apart.

SM-EZMotion specifications and standard procedures that are required

Running motion programming need specific requirement controller module and software. Because application must support low volume and low engineering time. The SM-EZ Motion module and Power Tools Pro software are the best choice for this because easy to use. User just simple drag and drop programming allows the user to create programs “out of the box” without having to write any code, “Fill-in-the-blank” values, “Point and click” radio buttons, “Scrolling” menu selections, “Drag and drop” parameters and finally this system can be run by this software.

SM-EZMotion Guidance for high-speed I/O operations

As advance for implementation SM-EZMotion, user must have deeply understand that the module has four digital inputs and two digital outputs for high-speed I/O operations. All of digital inputs are having compatibility highlights which Control Techniques drives support this option, namely: UNIDRIVE SP, COMMANDER SK, AFFINITY, DIGITAX ST, MENTOR MP. To run this module, data input  must integrated within the product range. In the next step, just follow Advanced User Guides, Option Module User Guides, Software Power Tools Pro version 5.3, Firmware SM-EZMotion and Digitax-Z Firmware Rev. B5


In The Emerson Industrial Automation company, you will know how the flexibility to manufacture by providing wider range of products can result minimal change over time. This will impact greater efficiency with less waste for reducing company budget. By purchasing proper products, users can speed their time to market with cutting-edge automation solutions for their business.


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