Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Working System of Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus 7 Performance Graphic Terminal as Multipurpose Interface to Access Control Device in the Food Manufacturers

The development of automation technology in the industry is growing very rapidly. Currently, the development of automation technology is already at the stage of monitoring and controlling plant wirelessly. At this time many industries that use automation technology in the production process, one of which is the food industry.

One important part of a control system is the Human Machine Interface (HMI) to display data on the operator and provides input control for operators in various forms, including graphs, schematic, windows, pull-down menus, touch screen and so forth. Generally HMI functions to facilitate the operator or human supervision, plant control, alarm handling and access to historical data and historical trends. To support a good system performance Rockwell Automation has released Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus 7 Performance graphic terminal as complementary HMI device to support SCADA control system.

allen bradley panelview plus 7

The Performance PanelView Plus terminals 7 Performance models

This device is designed to streamline the graph visualization display, create complex applications into simpler process included in the food manufacturing industry. To support the performance of the system, this interface has six screen size options, including the choice of a new 19-inch - the largest to date from Rockwell Automation. To display the results of the control system there are 19-inch screen powered by engine builders and includes new keypad option for standard touch-screen terminal.

Users are more comfortable using this interface with the support of a specially designed CPU separately process data if need larger application. For the food industry a simple application can use standard models that support applications up to 25 screens and 200 alarms.

There are many conveniences from the PanelView Plus terminal 7 Performance graphics ranging from support for video playback, machine builders and end users can now incorporate video helps to terminals to support operator training and troubleshooting. This interface is also compatible with Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer that providing instant access to network operator-based Office files and HTML pages, such as standard operating procedures, directly from the terminal.

Features and Performance version of PanelView Plus Terminals 7 Graphic

PanelView Plus 7 Performance graphic terminal has some excellent features to facilitate the user in the application of these devices, one of which is and compatible with Windows CE 6.0 standard features and color TFT LCD, color graphics 18-bit and used using an SD card to copy and return the operator interface fast.

This device has a screen size of 4 ... 15 in with the big screen and keypad options including a 512 MB RAM and 512 MB of storage. To support the access speed of communication used 1 x RJ45 Ethernet 10/100 MB Auto-MDI / MDI-X with support for IEEE 1588 to monitor applications from remote locations with VNC connectivity including email and SMS notification capability.


Currently PanelView Plus 7 Performance graphic terminal is supported by mobile connectivity. This makes it easier for operators tasked to obtain a remote desktop service. Plant managers, maintenance technicians or support to securely access the HMI from a remote location to solve the problem, go through the setup procedure, review the alarming and many more advantages gained by using this interface. In addition, the plant operator can monitor the data HMI in the factory using a tablet, smart phone or other mobile device.


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