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Learn EasyVeep – Graphical 2D Process Simulator for PLC

There are many ways to learn PLC in simulator. We know that PLC is not cheap for personal owning and if we want to build a full working processing system, than we need other sensor and actuator that meet our PLC specification. This process and learning is not cheap. But today there are many simulator outside that will guide us to learn and implement PLC as the real one. One of simulator that cheap and useful in learning processing system is EasyVeep. EasyVeep is a free graphical 2D process simulator that provide many attractive example on PLC training. This tutorial will guide you to install and operate EasyVeep to meet your PLC’s learning goal.

Step 1. Download EasyVeep

Open your web browser and type in your browser address . Get EasyVeep download link under “Freeware Software” and save it to your disk.

Step 2. Install EasyVeep

Extract your download file with winzip or other extractor program. Install the newest version of EasyVeep to your computer.

Follow the installation process. There are many option that you can select during installation. But for learning purposes I recommend you to follow the default selection until finish the installation process. Here are some steps that you will meet in installation process.
  1. Select Language
  2. Choose your natural language and click OK. There are only 4 options in EasyVeep version 2.18, English, Deutsch, Española, and François.

  1. Welcome
  2. Click “Next” for this page. It show you welcoming message.

  1. License Agreement
  2. Read license agreement first if you wish and then click “Yes” to start installation.

  1. Registration Information
  2. Fill all registration form. You cannot go to next step before fill all fields in this page. After that click “Next”.

    You will directed to registration confirmation page. Click “Next” for next step. Otherwise click “Back” to fix or change your registration data.

  1. Destination Location
  2. Select destination folder you wish to install EasyVeep or just accept the default value. Then click “Next”.

  1. Select Program Manager Group
  2. Set to default value and click “Next”.

  1. Start Installation
  2. Click “Next” to start installation process.

    Wait installation process till finish copying file. You can monitor the progress from “Installing” window.

  1. Finish Installation
  2. Your installation is complete. Click “Finish” and try to start EasyVeep.

Step 3. Running Program

After success finishing installation, you can run and try PLC simulator process now. If you are using Windows 8 operating system, you can search EascyVeep by typing its name on search box. Then click your application icon and your program will start.

Your program will show like captured image bellow. It will give you an option to select your default language. It also provide another information about EasyVeep creator and another update or help info. After select your preferred language then click “OK”.

Step 4. Set Interface of Communication

Your program will show setting page for first running now. Select “None” for Interface of communication for learning purpose in simulator. Otherwise if you have Festo PLC hardware then you can select EasyPort USB/D16/DA8 to connect your computer and PLC hardware. After that click menu “Modules” to start simulation.

Step 5. Simulation Hot Water Tank

You will directed to page modules. You can select any simulating process subject from drop down list in this page. For default option the program will select “Hot water tank” simulation. It simulate how control water and the temperature in a tank by using various sensors and actuators. The description of the project also informed in right-side page. You can read project explanation first before try the actual simulation. Try to select another project subject and see different project explanation.

You can move sensor level by clicking sensor’s point and dragging up or down at this window. Simulation process will start automatically.

Step 6. Connection Info

Click menu “Conn.” at right-side of “Modules”. You can see connection setting of “Hot water tank “ simulation. This page show you how input and output of PLC connected to sensors and actuators. The upper side port show sensors and input port connection and the lower side show input port with actuators inlet valve and heater. Click “Display” menu and start your simulation of hot water tank.

Step 7. Control Simulation Manual

You can control your simulation manually by clicking buttons at right-side. The connection of button is described at step 6.

You can try to fill water to the tank and start heating.  At left-side you can also move minimum or maximum water level sensor by clicking sensors point and move upward or downward. Temperature level can also be adjusted. This simulation process show you how to control your system with your PLC.

Step 8. Download Ladder Diagram

If you want to implement EasyVeep simulation example to real hardware, you can download ladder diagram from . Go to that page and select simulation program you need in proper hardware. Your download will generate pdf file. You need to implement it first to ladder diagram using your favorite PLC ladder program.

Here sample captured image of ladder program documentation in pdf.


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