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Level Switch and Pressure Management Control System Process using OLEUMTECH System Wireless Sensors/Transmitters

Current technological developments require wireless automation applications, especially for mission-critical. OleumTech is a company engaged in industrial automation which involves the process of monitoring (data acquisition) and control systems. The company was able to unite the traditional control infrastructure with cutting-edge wireless technology by releasing several products related control system that could be a solution to the needs of today's modern automation industry. One of the problems facing the industry today is the process control flow and pressure accurately and can be done by using a wireless transmitter.

To learn more about Level Switch and Pressure Management Control System Process using OLEUMTECH System Wireless Sensors / Transmitters, let’s see detail about the flow and pressure of OleumTech, whatever is in the OleumTech, please read until the end of my explanation below:

How does important functions of OleumTech in Wireless SCADA System?

OleumTech Wireless
OleumTech Wireless via
To support better results, many control systems are supported by OleumTech product. This system provides a control device for a wireless instrumentation and field equipment monitoring critical processes, including pressure, liquid level, flow, temperature, discrete, and alarms using one WIO Wireless Transmitter System. The OleumTech WIO wireless system is a safe and easy solution for wireless networks with support for device applications of wireless control valves and emergency shutdown.

Wireless control systems OleumTech the SCADA system serves to integrate multiple device control system such as the system WIO Wireless Transmitter, Transmitter certified for Class I, the Modbus protocol through WIO Wireless Gateway, PLC, RTU, HMI or DCS, which is part of the SCADA system.

Process monitoring pressure, liquid level, flow, temperature, discrete, and alarms using WIO System Wireless Transmitter

WIO Wireless Transmitter System is used to change the sensing element of a censor into a signal capable translated by the controller. It is used for monitoring various conditions Including liquid level, pressure, flow, temperature, and triggering alarm set-point. Reviews those devices are self-contained, battery-powered, eliminating the need for external power. Transmits a signal using electrical signals to transmit the signal. Range used for this transmission is 4-20mA and 1-5 VDC.

OleumTech Level Switch
OleumTech Level Switch

Work systems and wireless specification analog pressure sensor transmitter

OleumTech WT Series Wireless Analog / Pressure Sensor Transmitter has display on the field which can be checked manually. Usually the amount shown on the field is what percentage of the pressure. From there it can be converted into flow rate (if measuring flow) or how many levels (if measuring depth), which became independent battery-powered monitoring solutions for various industrial applications created specifically for remote without access to electricity. This device is part of OleumTech Wireless Sensor Network that is easy to use without the need to connect with a network of static electricity.

OleumTech Wireless Transmitter (WT) Series is able to work with the power requirements 0-5 V analog input (24-bit ADC) and can be used with third party pressure sensor / transducer or other analog signal output device. Use during certain periods require a discrete input for exception reporting and work with dry contact switch or output / NPN open-drain devices. Maintenance processes ranging from zero up to the maximum of the points can be calibrated using the LCD chip.

OleumTech Pressure Transmitter
OleumTech Pressure Transmitter


OLEUMTECH System Wireless Sensors / Transmitters is a solution to the need for a device for remote monitoring end-to-end wireless that enables companies to improve operational efficiency and productivity, reduce costs but still meet the requirements specified standard operating procedure. Work systems and specifications OLEUMTECH System Wireless Sensors / Transmitters as described above will facilitate the control system engineers to design appropriate control system at an affordable cost.


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