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The 2 Important Devices for SCADA on Mobile Control System

Smart phones and tablets today have a dual function not only as a communication tool but it has become a device to control systems in the industry. Mobile controller is an attractive alternative because it can be used flexibly and not obstructed by time and location. Currently the communication device can be connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) or as applied to the automation industry, Internet of Industry Things, Technology geo-tag includes Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons, Near Field Communication (NFC) and QR -Codes (barcode format).

The decision to process integration between SCADA Mobility with a smart phone to monitor, diagnose, maintain and control industrial assets and building is the right choice. Two main device key to successful mobile control system is the SCADA Mobility Server and Device App. What are those devices? Let’s see this explanation below:

SCADA on Mobile Control System

1. SCADA Mobility Server

SCADA Mobility Server is a key tool control system that receives data from the sensors and then record, process and distribute the data to the process control devices in the field. SCADA Mobility Server is also a device for consolidation SCADA and workers residing in one location and often change places. Movement control devices and workers who responsible in the field and their movement within the management of SCADA.

Data were entered and processed in the SCADA Mobility Server and then produce information to employees who must be executed in the context of the responsibilities of workers at their current location. The information is processed and delivered by SCADA Mobility Server including real-time status or control equipment nearby in the form of additional resources (pictures, schemes, etc.) needed by workers in carrying out their duties.

2. SCADA Mobile Device App

Geo-tag identification is crucial process to determine the device's location and marking assets to be near the device. This process could be done by mobile devices that connect to the SCADA Mobility Server through an application that uses a standard network connection. Some movement of workers and assets in the mark through the process of Geo-tag such as updating and recording the movement of the holder of the device, the presence of tagged assets at the holder zone, or change user credentials assist the technician in charge of the control system do its job are parts of this its monitoring.

If there are important conditions that deviate from the standard setting point specified then SCADA Mobility Server proactively sent to the smart device, and then the technician will be required to monitor and check some points check list such as: Display a graphical symbol of an asset, the list of measurement values, the trend of one or more values, a schedule of events, Alarms condition, control initiate and execute commands to the SCADA system and Also displays a file or invoke other operating system resources.


Mobile phones today are equipped with advanced features such as Indoor Positioning System (IPS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) that allow these devices to integrate with SCADA-based control system. There are many benefits in getting the Smartphone-based mobile system controllers and SCADA. Besides the configuration process system consisting of The Mobility Server and SCADA The SCADA Mobile Device App relatively easy to do make these applications more widely used in modern industrial control systems.
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