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ARM Series Autonics Controller for Increasing I/O Ports of PC, PLC & LP (Autonics Logic Panel) and enhancing company productivity

Autonics is controller and sensor Korean company, has been focusing provided top quality products to enhance the productivity. This company recently expanded products and have R&D and manufacturing factory in Korea and China to make sure it can deliver the best products quickly and efficiently.

The company has consistently been produced the main automation parts such as sensors, controllers to maintain desired outputs in control processes, Motion Devices to catch high resolution and quick response accurate and precise, and Connectors/Cables to connect parts to other device like Autonics I/O terminal blocks, connectors, and connectors make system configuration easy.

One of Autonics controller products used to support input and output signal in the form of Remote I/O parts.  Remote I/O consists of 2 items namely ARM Series for Increasing I/O Ports of PC, PLC & LP (Autonics Logic Panel) and also ARD Series for buyers who want to get cost effective & advanced DeviceNet based digital remote I/O.

ARM Series Autonics Controller

Detail ARM Series will be explained as below:

ARM Series for Increasing I/O Ports of PC, PLC & LP (Autonics Logic Panel)

Autonics ARM series is the best choice for remote I/O options. This device of Modbus RTU type has main function to increase I/O ports when using PC, PLC and LP series(Autonics Logic Panel).  As advance remote I/O generation, it was completed and supported by DeviceNet remote I/O that  allows you  to save wire cost when using ARM series. Because e-Con sensor connecting feature sensors to various controllers as well. How can this parts save this space and wiring works?

ARM series Modbus RTU standard protocol has connects with sensor connector, e-CON. This type of connector can save wiring work such as sensor connector, CNE Series, sold separately. User just need a smaller controller panel space room because it is compact size form that small size with W26×L76×H54mm to install at narrow space. For other application, user can choose DIN Rail mounting and screw lock mounting method available.

ARM Series Main features, products and specification

One of benefits used this remote I/O controller is easy expansion and configuration. This device is able to connect up to 63 basic units per 1 master unit, and up to 7 expansion units per 1 basic units, however in many application controllable input/output is only for max. 64 points. A lot of expansion unit can combines the desired specifications of input/output by various input/output units. In the other hand it makes efficient power consumption and communication system because only need communication cable lines.

This ARM series are widely used in industrial control systems to adjust or maintain desired outputs of specific processes. Actually all process almost done within a desired range based on Monitoring Single byte input/output, Multi byte input/output and status Flag. Do not worry to use this product because as far Autonics provides a diverse range of highly accurate and reliable controllers. Their mission is to make those devices as parts of ideal system control.


When you use ARM Series Autonics controller, you will be guaranteed to get reliable product from experienced company that have real time monitoring system by various functions such as higher communication speed, eye catching network power voltage monitoring with a lot of reading number of expansion units and specifications. High reliability products makes users feel comfort for getting Built-in surge, short, over-heat, reverse power polarity and static prevention circuits.


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