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Hitachi Programmable Logic Controller : EH-150, The advance technology of compact body packed controller to meets various automation requirements

Hitachi that has main office in AKS Building, 3, Kanda Neribei-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0022, Japan so far has been known as a Japanese company that is experienced in the field of automation. This company has been producing many products such as Motor, Inverter, AC Servo, Programmable Logic Controller, Switches & Breakers, Transformers, Rope Hoist & Chain Hoist, Air Compressor and many others automation products.

In this session, we would like to share one of its product namely Programmable Logic Controller that was which has been widely used in various countries. The PLC consists of Programmable Logic Controller EH-150 and MICRO-EH (Useful functions for small automation process). Both of them were supported by DeviceNet Configuration Software.

Programmable Logic Controller EH-150 will be described more detail as below:

Programmable Logic Controller : EH-150, The advance technology of compact body packed controller

User around the world has familiar with this compact body packed controller. It has been know as the 'Small and medium-sized control system of next generation capabilities controller. What are those capabilities can be shown on these featuring as below:

Hitachi Programmable Logic Controller EH-150


EH-150's CPU was designed in the small-size CPU with two communication ports : Port 1 and Port 2. This ports have functions as dedicated port and can be switched to a general-purpose port and programming devices.


This controller having memory board (EH-CPU316A, 516, 548). This memory is able to read and write loaded programs in the CPU, so that process of transferring and comparing programs no need programming device. This process can be operated directly on the memory board. Store data (384k words) is available with battery-less flash memory to make maintenance easier.


The compact and stylish EH-150 meets various automation requirements.  The compact controller EH-150 meets various automation requirements such as 704 I/O points configuration and only 462.5 mm (W) × 100 mm (H) × 109 mm (D) in size.


It was supported by 38.4kbps high-speed communication modem (EH-CPU208A, 316A, 516, 548) so that operation process can be remotely monitored through the public telephone line using the software LADDER EDITOR for WindowsW Ver. 2.0 without an additional module.


In order to support high access speed the controller contains a 32-bit RISC processor (Super H series made by Hitachi, Ltd.) completed by flash memory for storing user programs protection from being lost data and assure quick response to high-speed operation of assembly machines.


This controller has compatibility with H series PLC utilizes valuable existing user programs LADDER EDITOR for Windows®. In this design PLC was act as peripheral equipment. This software makes debugging easier with its comfortable operation environment.


Controller EH-150 is easy to maintain even after installed in a machine. In addition, to prevent power fail, flash memory is activated while the CPU is running. User can install program using snapping on a DIN rail and then set removable terminal block inside.


Many automation practitioners use Hitachi Programmable Logic Controller : EH-150 because it is supported by the battery for data memory back-up. This batter can be replaced by opening the hinged front cover of the CPU so that is Easy addressing using standard programming cable(EH-VCB02). It is also compatible with Windows software application and Direct connection Configuration via EH-CPU module. It is proved that this advance technology of compact body packed controller can meets various automation requirements in its application.


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