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Germany - MTL GECMA HMI, Operator Terminals and HMI Solutions for both Hazardous and Non Hazardous Area Mounting

One potential problem in designing control system in the placement of the HMI device on the floor area of a dangerous example to the conditions of temperature -30 ° C to + 60 ° C. In order to maintain the performance of the device can last longer it takes HMI consisting of intrinsically safe components and the deliberate selection of high quality materials. Germany - MTL GECMA HMI's is the right product because it already has international certificates (UL, C-UL, ATEX, GOST-R / GGTN, IECEx, NEPSI, FTZU ...), an international standard MTL GECMA HMI also set in operation and visualization of the process so that it can be used in hazardous areas though with the description as below:


1. Ex Zone Panel PC

The modular concept is widely used in applications of this device especially for local display or operation in Ex Zone 1/2/21/22 software, client server applications such as a web terminal; or to control the PLC, balance etc. Ex Zone Panel PCs offer maximum adjustment to individual requirements an in line with the worldwide established CHALLENGER remote PC terminal. In some applications EXPLORER 15I / 18I has the highest performance Ex-certified Panel PCs are available so far.

One of the displaying products in Ex Zone Panel PC is Explorer Remote PC’s. This device is widely apply on hazardous area panel PC's. in some case it also suited to surviving the harsh environments. Many types harsh environments in Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Biotech and Food and Beverage manufacturing is fit to be solved by this device.

2. Remote PC Terminals

This device could be an optimal solution for the task in the operation in place and visualization in a dangerous zone. CHALLENGER transmission unit retrieves data from a PC via VGA / keyboard / mouse PS2 and transmit data up to 600m / 2000ft to the CHALLENGER terminal. There are 2 types the displaying products in Terminals namely Challenger Remote PC Remote PC's and NEW Gecma RT (remote terminal). Challenger Remote PC's designed for use in hazardous areas such as those encountered extreme in Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Biotech and Oil and Gas industry.
CHALLENGER Terminal can be configured in a modular fashion to meet the requirements of the installation of the plant. All components including the display, touch screen, keyboard, pointing device, etc. - are certified for use in hazardous areas as a panel-mounted control module and can be installed independently to various enclosure / wall or to CHALLENGER FHP our standard enclosure that provides environmental protection.

3. Safe Area Workstations

There are 2 types displaying products to support the Safe Area Workstations namely Barracuda Lite Workstation and ProPanel® MP2030 SA. To display the performance report that is fast, Barracuda Lite 15 "workstation is equipped with a 2.2GHz Intel Core Duo processor and touchscreen-based glass with capacity support up to 2GB RAM, 32GB compact flash, and the Intel Core 2 Duo. Other products i.e. The MP2030 has ProPanel® is a computer with an integrated screen and a more compact form factor than the original ProPanel, but with exceptional modular flexibility and choice of a variety of internal options that could be an alternative of products appropriate system design that you create.

4. Zone 1 Workstations & Displays

There are many types displaying products to support  Zone 1 Workstations & Displays namely ProPanel® PRO4500Z1 Workstation for the rig floor, ProPanel® MP2030Z1 Workstation with integrated LCD display, ProPanel® MP2040Z1 Workstation with internal SMARTpurge system, ProPanel® TC2100 Thin Client with mud logging and data-rich applications in Zone 1 areas, Azonix Drilling Unit (ADU) able to uses in an application specific tool for use in the oil.

5. Zone 2 Workstations

This product is suitable for use in hazardous areas that have been tested and certified as unfit for use. There are several alternatives that you can choose the product that is ProPanel® MP2030 15 "Workstation in standard configurations for Zone 1 / Zone 2, ProPanol® MP2100 workstation specifically designed for mission-critical applications in hazardous environments, the Barracuda 19" BOP (Blow Out Protection) for rig-floor computer and NEW Barracuda Gen 2.0 - 15 "Workstation as solution for the industry's need for a high performance computing platform.


The description above illustrates that Germany - MTL GECMA HMI is the device can last longer because consisting of intrinsically safe components and the deliberate selection of high quality materials that allow this device can be used under strict hygienic conditions as well as in aggressive and hazardous production environments. While Germany - MTL GECMA HMI is designed to optimize productivity, improve safety and reduce the cost of your plant.


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