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Grasp more about product feature of Omron CJ1M CPU-units to support process control in a backplane free structure that enables flexible system configuration

Omron Group is one of leading company in Automation Systems products and even had got double winner in "best place to work" awards for 2015 as recognition for companies that make exemplary contributions to automate the world through their products. There are many products related automation industry such as Sensors, switches, Safety Components and Programmable Controllers produced by this company and used by industrial companies around the world.

One of PLC common used by user is CJ1 Series Programmable Controllers. It is small PLC that have a backplane-free structure for everything from machine control to process control. To support this system in the flexible system configuration, many models of CPU Units are available from 160 to 2,560 I/O points. In this session we would like to share you 3 items of these CPU Units, namely CJ1M-CPU1, CJ1M-CPU1-ETN and CJ1M-CPU2 with detail explanation as below:

Omron CJ1M

CJ1M-CPU1 as Small CPU Units for all kinds of applications with excellent high-speed control processing performance

This is really Small CPU Units with only have Compact 90 × 65 mm (H × D) dimensions. But you do not worry about this capabilities. It is supported by High-capacity Memory Cards up to 128 MB so that can provide flexible control for all kinds of applications from small application until the large instruction set with diverse applications. And amazingly, this integration system can produce excellent high-speed control processing performance of 0.1 μs for LD instructions and 13.3 μs for floating-point calculations.

It is compatible with the CX-One Integrated Tool Package makes it is able to support various commands such as ladder, structured text, sequential function charts, and instruction lists with approximately 400 instructions and 800 instruction variations in four types of language programming.

CJ1M-CPU1-ETN, The CPU Units with Built-in Ethernet to integrate and support PLC settings to network startup

The CJ-series CJ1M-CPU1-ETN is a Micro SYSMAC CJ-series CJ1M CPU Units with Built-in Ethernet so that all information for each component can be linked using this device. In addition the system's data can be integrated into one database and supported by Four types of programming software to integrate and support PLC settings to network startup.

This CPU completed with High-capacity Memory Cards that enables effective usage of legacy applications to backup the program and system settings, or log customer data. User will more convenience use this product especially structured programming using function blocks application because had been protected by security system to protect valuable software resources and property.

CJ1M-CPU2 compact controller processing unit with Built-in I/O to support interrupt feeding and target position changes during its positioning

CJ1M CPU Units is compact controller processing unit with Built-in I/O. This CPU consists of Two 100-kHz Pulse Outputs to handle many different applications, such as interrupt feeding and target position changes during its positioning.

Built-in Pulse I/O startup as fast as 46 μs and is 70 μs even for trapezoidal acceleration/deceleration is designed for High Potential performance with different acceleration/deceleration rates, and triangular control and trapezoidal acceleration/deceleration positioning.

Based on technical specification data, this processing unit controller using Rich Lineup of CJ1 Units is able to reach high-speed counters operate at up to 100 kHz for single-phase and 50 kHz for differential-phase operation.


The CJ1M-CPU1, CJ1M-CPU1-ETN and CJ1M-CPU2 product specification as mention above are really able to support industrial control system need that require flexible system configuration. Many benefits users will get from these products ranging from higher qualification until easier maintenance. All of products have been completed supporting device based on the users need such as Built-in Pulse I/O, large enough Memory Cards capacity and also compatible with ethernet to integrate and support PLC settings to network startup.


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