Saturday, December 12, 2015

Here's Why The Power of iFIX on embedded HMI/SCADA can be Total Operations Cycle Solution that Enables Faster, more Intelligent Control and Visibility

To answer  automaton industry needs, we must have automation system that can be used for many applications. Total operation cycle solution is ranging from common HMI, as simple as manual data entry and validation, to complex SCADA, such as batch, filtration, and distributed alarm management. This is a process that requires automation system that is very complex and complete.

iFIX on embedded HMI/SCADA can be solution to provides a robust SCADA engine, rich set of connectivity options, open architecture, and highly scalable and distributed networking model. It has long time experience in diverse industries to enables faster, more intelligent control and visibility of designing control system. How can be iFix like that? The following explanation will answer your doubts for this product.


iFIX will take SCADA to the next level

Several device compatible with iFIX such as I/O Drivers, DG69: GE9 GE Series 90 v6.10 GE9, HMI/SCADA – iFIX, GE Fanuc SRTP OPC Server v1.xx, DG68: GE9 GE Ethernet v7.xx can build on a track record of success control system to delivers open, flexible and scalable technology with superior HMI/SCADA capabilities. Using this integrated part and device will make impressive visualization tools, the latest-generation mobility, and a reliable control engine. This hardware and software combining supervisory monitoring and control software. And finally those enable you to drive better analytics and leverage more reliability, flexibility and scalability to be more powerful SCADA across your enterprise.

The Power of iFIX on embedded devices can be Total Operations Cycle Solution

We suggest you to embed iFIX in your HMI/SCADA. This combination among of them will deliver the power, scalability and flexibility of operating system. The benefit you can get is utilization the wide array of next generation based devices to adopt a consistent software platform at the machine. All of them can be controlled on control room at enterprise levels.

iFIX solution will allow you to get better visibility and more reliability in all operation process because it gives have impressive visualization tools, enhanced mobility, and a reliable control engine. The supporting software ensures your enterprise has dependable analytics, and outstanding flexibility and scalability for better results.

Proficy I/O Driver enables Connectivity that drives results

GE’s Proficy I/O Drivers for example I/O Drivers DG73: GES, and HMI/SCADA - iFIX enable powerful data connections to your devices for control. All data acquisition and visualization can be visualized easily.  As you know many industries person in charge used each Proficy I/O Driver for simple reason:  rigorously quality tested in labs, supported by partners and in the field, and finally ensuring device connections to be more reliable and fast.

Drop your selection to the right product based on the need such as I/O Drivers DG70: GEF GE v7.xx, GE Intelligent Platforms HMI/SCADA - iFIX  and HMI/SCADA Drivers online to get powerful data connections to your devices for control, data acquisition, and visualization.


For the best-in-class software choice, use always iFIX embedded to HMI/SCADA to provide a robust SCADA engine and rich set of connectivity options. This software complies with all industry standards requirement. All off benefits makes it ideal as part of an IT-focused to get better real-time information management system based on open architecture designing and highly scalable and distributed networking model. There a hundreds of automation companies prove it, so you have not to worry about that.


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