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How to choose Gefran GCube as integrated automation solutions that offers a global response to specific automation demands based on your plant control design

Gefran is leader company in the sector of automation and systems components for industrial process control since Forty years ago. Many products related to control system has been producing that makes Gefran as expertises control company in the design and manufacture of sensors, components, systems and drives and many others products.

One of its product in the Automation Platforms is GCube as integrated automation solutions that offers a global response to specific automation demands. Some times automation industry need specific demands of single automations.

GCube of Gefran Controllers

It provides transverse and standard solutions and offers common technology services to satisfy specific demands of single automations.GCube products can meet this specific requirement so that users can take benefits such as Custom scalable solutions, Easy and powerful programming, High software reusability

There are 4 items of Gcube with detail explanation as below:

GCube Performa to catch Plastic and Heat Treatment markets

This Gcube Performa will guide user to get experience in powerful, ready to use and open automation system with attractive desain products in colour, touch-screen industrial monitors Slim and compact design IP65 protection. The GCube is ready-to-use package with modular design and scalable performance features.

To catch Plastic and Heat Treatment markets, Gefran is completed with Software Applications Operator Interface Injection presses Plastics and e41x series Digital IO modules that is able to acquire various data from controlled devices.

GCube Modula for managing stand-alone machine processes

The GCube Modula is a modular IOS system for managing stand-alone machine processes. It was designed with Wide range of input/output modules. To complete data processing, it has provided I/O modules with 8,16 and 32 digital points, relay, analog, encoder, temperature, strain-gauge, Expandable and scalable available on those featuring system. It makes more secure and reliable solution for many application.

In order to meet real time solution and perfect precision, this is supported by Double Ethernet port, Data always available (File Transfer Protocol), Remote access.

GCube Compact for Small to mid-sized machines application

Small to mid-sized machines application needs specific Gcube requirement. It is better if we designed PLC + HMI in one product Integrated Ethernet port Wide availability of communica. In this case,GCube Compact is fit application because it is flexible and easy to integrate in one solution for controlling, compact display and communication. In addition, this Gcube Compact uses R-SW5 Switch Ethernet module, R-ETM100 Gateway modul Modbus Over TCP, Complete control of R-BUS(x) backplane Ethernet interface, Modbus protocol over TCP and 5 RJ45 Ethernet ports Autosense Up-link port 100Mbps for high speed connection and data processing.

GCube Fit for simple and set price sensitive applications

For simple application with Compact remote IO modules with CANopen communication you have not spend more budget. If you want to set price sensitive applications then GCube Fit is better solution. Although simple application but it can be applied on different applications, such as: plastic extruders, autoclaves, temperature controls, metal washers, plastic dryers, etc.

The simple design is consisting of two elements, an integrated control (PLC and HMI) and a compact remote I/O board, in the form of GCubeFit – flyer and GCubeFit eXtra+ flyer,  with HW - Installation and user manual


All items Gefran Gcube explained above make users more understand how important to set their control design based on the Gefran Gcube specification.  User may use GCube for simple and set price sensitive applications, Small to mid-sized machines application, managing stand-alone machine processes, or they want to catch Plastic and Heat Treatment markets. All of those plant designs can be supported by proper Gcube that we can choose one of them.


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