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Learn More about Hitachi Programmable Logic Controller : MICRO-EH Featuring and Application to solve your Advance Technology Control System Design Need

As we told before that Hitachi PLC consists of Programmable Logic Controller EH-150 and MICRO-EH that is useful functions for small automation process and were supported by DeviceNet Configuration Software. And so if you have learn Programmable Logic Controller EH-150 at the session before, then you can continue Programmable Logic Controller : MICRO-EH in this explanation below:

Programmable Logic Controller: MICRO-EH Application

This controller can be complementary your controlling design system especially if your plant need Pulse train output and PWM output types with high speed counter. The PWM output MICRO-EH can control speed and positioning easily.

PLC MICRO-EH works based on DC(transistor)output type to provide a pulse train output  by PWM. This control design combining a High-speed counter input and a pulse train output to perform positioning control of a stepping motor.

This DC motor used to provide analog output that was produced by conventional control in the old control system before, so that by using this controller then you will get advanced control technology.

Hitachi Programmable Logic Controller MICRO-EH

Programmable Logic Controller : MICRO-EH : Features

The MICRO-EH has completed by good featuring system consist of 7 point as mentioned below:

Point1. High performance result althoug in a small size design

MICRO-EH designing in the small size with 12-bit analog Input / Output (23-point type). It makes 23-point type available to be connected directly with various sensors and actuators. It is simple process without adding any analog input /output modules. In the other connection, each point, at least there are 10-point type (EH-D10DRA) was connected to either voltage or current.

Point2. User-friendliness for better understand of users

This controller can be accomplished in a fraction of the time by snapping on a DIN rail or screwing onto a panel easily. Easy step during process setting removable terminal and replaced by the MICRO-EH to protect covers so that it can stay open for easy wiring.

Point3. Easy setting because compatible with H/EH series PLC

In this point, we can get same programming software to run this controller. It used for utilization of valuable existing user programs -LADDER EDITOR for Windows®. Do not worry to run this, because programming is supported by Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.

Point4. All this controller is conformity to global standards

You can check that all controller have license and standard certificate of CE, UL, cUL, and C-Tick approvals, CE, UL, cUL, and C-Tick approvals to guarantee all of performance result has been control by authorize producer.

Point5. RS-232C Port as main network compatibility

All of running device has been supported by RS-232C port as standard. This port actually make communication speed more achievable. We can select various types of them ranging from 4800, 9600, 19200, and 38400 bps.

Point6. Environmental friendlines for better life

This MICRO-EH series is able to eliminate sticker type name plates using Laser marking system. It will more guarantee environmental friendliness for better life. Beside that waste of battery is less than others type because it was used Battery-less operation with flash memory and ABS material for outer case of the MICRO-EH for easy recycling.

Point7. Many options, from old series until New release of 20 / 40 / 64-point type

In the new release program capacity is extended to 16k steps. For better data storage processing memory capacity is extended to 32k words. In addition, this can also enables 20/40/64-point type to support middle range, 4ch, 100 kHz, 32 bits high-speed counter.


After learn more about Programmable Logic Controller : MICRO-EH features and application, you really can take many benefit on those.  It can be solution for Advance Technology Control System Design Need of your plant. All of feature can be applied to many types of control process, even in the small and restricted area.


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