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Learn More About The Koyo KOSTAC AZ-C1 PLC of Safety and Feature for Better Industrial Application Results

The Koyo KOSTAC Safety AZ-C1 is widely applied in all kinds of industries, not only in Japan but also around the world. They can use these products continuously if deeply understand about this product. Safety, feature, and precaution in use as safe PLC that meets international safety standards aimed should be considered at achieving "zero hazard" via risk assessment.

As common Japanes company products, The Koyo KOSTAC Safety AZ-C1 completed by safety relays and safety controllers. This is having main function to control and get  accurately performs supervisory control and monitoring of several devices, while contributing to the simplification of systems that user want.


To learn more about The Koyo KOSTAC Safety AZ-C1, lets see explanation as below:

The Koyo KOSTAC Safety AZ-C1 Product Requirement

Zero accidents  via human education is the main goal of this Koyo company. Koyo KOSTAC Safety has extensively developed from single devices to miniature complex equipment to be more effective towards eliminating workplace accidents.

Safety control can be done through 2 sectors, human and machine.  Human has important role for safety products which could be increased by management of Operators' responsibility, Responsibility of education and thorough training. In the other hand, The Koyo KOSTAC Safety AZ-C1 is certified as safety PLC with four parameters are required to assess the performance level (PL) of a safety system, namely category hazard system, MTTFd: Mean Time To Dangerous Failure  (High, Medium, Low), DCavg: Average Diagnostic Coverage (High, Medium, Low, None) and CCF: Common Cause Failure. Hazard can come from various sources such as Mechanical hazard: Crushing, pinching, piercing, cutting, impact, Electrical hazard: Contact with a live part, insulation failure, static electricity, Thermal hazard: Fire, explosion, radiation heat, burns, etc.

The Koyo KOSTAC Safety AZ-C1 Feature and Classification

The Koyo KOSTAC Safety AZ-C1 works under  IEC61508 (SIL 3), and ISO13849-1: 2006 (Performance Level e) so that easily create a safe environment based on international standards. All of KOSTAC Safety AZ-C1 input/output module have important function for under voltage and over voltage, grasp connection and operation status using test pulses, and run crosschecks of switching using channel monitors.

Based on Ladders and function blocks that can be programmed with the use of dedicated programming software, The Koyo KOSTAC Safety AZ-C1 have several types namely:

Program-less Mode KOSTAC Safety AZ-C1

This type of safety AZ-C1 use of a built-in authorization circuit in the CPU supports functional performance based on the system requirement. It is more applicable in many small industry because can be created easily, simply, and compactly, and no need for programming operations from a computer. Integration between The CPU of the AZ-C1 used stationary circuit. This will used for creating a safety system automatically, without programming design and not necessary to newly acquire safety certification of applications.

Programming Mode KOSTAC Safety AZ-C1

User just use smallest module configuration to set KOSTAC Safety AZ-C1. It has Ladders and function blocks that can be programmed with the use of dedicated programming software. Proper set of software will contributing to compactification and cost reduction of the control panel. And finally The AZ-C1 can quickly and flexibly respond to system changes for better performance results.


The Koyo KOSTAC AZ-C1 PLC has many benefits if we know deeply about this feature. It has completed by so many standard safety requirement based on internation procedure. But, in the application, user should be aware to be careful and understand precaution in use such as this product cannot be installed outside the control panel and the power supply must meet all requirements to be safe in long time application usage.


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