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LMC058 and LMC078, Two Types of Schneider Motion Controllers that offers complete solutions including customisation and engineering support services

LMC058 and LMC078 is one of Schneider Motion Control that offers complete solutions including customisation & engineering and support services. Schneider Electric has 2 types of Motion Controllers Modicon product namely  LMC058 and LMC078 for coordinated, synchronised and interpolated motion control. In addition, these controllers  can speed up machine design,  reduce size, cost, assembly time & maintenance. Both of them were designed to integrated all your applications to a single software suite, SoMachine, embedded I/O, and numerous field buses. To be done based on set up, they are having the same Motion Libraries based on PLCopen.
How can be integrated like that? This explanation below will give you more knowledge of them:

LMC078 Schneider Motion Controller

Two different types of motion controllers for synchronized axis control and positioning that require a high level of performance in motion control applications

Those two types of motion controllers, LMC058 and LMC078 provide maximum solution for synchronized axis control and positioning that require a high level of performance in motion control applications. They are specifically designed for compact machines based on standard a CANopen master and a CANmotion master for real time motion control embedded communication interfaces such as Ethernet, CANopen, serial interfaces and optional modules for PROFIBUS DP, Ethernet/IP. Both of them are enables to control of 8 synchronized axes in 1 ms and 16 synchronized axes on minimum cycle time of 250 μs.

The Benefits LMC058 and LMC078 Schneider Motion Control

LMC058 and LMC078 Schneider Motion Control can speed up machine design, because it was completed by same software for PLC and motion controller. In the application of industry this will be benefically in Function Blocks to solve complex application requests.  If you run this based on standrad operating and normal condition it can Reduce size, cost, assembly time & maintenance. Multiple integrated features an communication ports for programming, commissioning and diagnostics offer performant solutions to synchronized axis, speed control, high speed counting and communication networks. Reduce your assembly time and down time with field buses (CANopen, CANmotion or Sercos will be added benefits of this motion controller.

Using SoMachine programming for MachineStruxure controllers

When you set up control system, you have to consider standard aspect of your machine namely safe logic, motion design and HMI configuration. In order to be run well, this system need supporting software application. Schneider Electric offers modern and powerful tool-based software concepts namely So Machine with MachineStruxure controller as The Modicon motion controllers compatible with in this device. This will be an intuitive solution for machine automation. All the features and functions of this motion controllers will improve your bottom line with benefits all through the machine life cycle.

Applications of Schneider Motion Control

This motion controller had been applicating in several industries such as Packaging Automation industry at every level of complexity, Material Handling  machine to optimize material handling systems and  HVAC control system for chillers or air-handling units. In addition, Pumping Control and Hoisting Control industry also used Schneider Electric motion controller for cost effective and energy efficient material working machines.


All about product and specification of LMC058 and LMC078 explained above will give you more knowledge how this product run based on standard operating procedure.  If you follow those product specification, then those those two types of Schneider Motion Controllers will offer complete solutions including customisation & engineering support services.


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