Thursday, January 28, 2016

All About I-Sense Voltage Monitor

I-Sense Voltage Monitor can quickly diagnose downtime. Power quality problem is one factor which often occurs in downtime and difficult used to diagnosis remotely or no monitoring in place will give any announcement via e-mail or text message when an event occurs. Costs incurred effective and permanent. Permanent monitoring in value is more effective than random monitoring that is temporary.
i-Sense Voltage Monitor

The use of I-Sense Voltage Monitor

I-Sense Voltage Monitor can be used easily by using Web-based applications. Access to the Internet should always be connected in order to provide complete information about the events. It's just that there is no software to install on confidentiality tracking numbers and defend voltage events.

Some configurations in a single unit of I-Sense Voltage Monitor is a 26 voltage between 100-480VAC. Modem or Ethernet connectivity and 50/60 Hz Auto sensing. When you have some problems, you can see the I-Sense Voltage Monitor responsible to signify an error number that cannot be planned downtime.

Technology I-Sense Voltage Monitor provides important data on point-point voltage electrical events based. Release information on the relationship between voltage sags and the situation down line also provide certainty about the cause of the error so that you can quickly take action to get your target, running with minimal MTTR or mean time to repair.

I-Sense Voltage Monitor, The Effective Monitor to use

I-Sense Voltage Monitor is very effective to use, easy to install and virtually maintenance free. Once installed, I-Sense Voltage Monitor can be entered directly in the power quality data to the server via Ethernet or modem connection. Data show I-Sense Voltage Monitor is a data set that is analyzed and delivered to customers in form of notification so that you can see the detailed data of the events that occurred on the quality of power and can be reported anytime and anywhere using a computer connected to the Internet or can also use the phone i-grid intelligent network. Voltage events will be captured by the I-Sense and transmitted to the I-Grid. The data valuable power would be collected, analyzed, and distributed will correlation back to the customer I-Grid all in a matter of minutes.

I-Sense Voltage Monitor, Choose your Voltage need

I-Sense Voltage Monitor has a voltage of 100V-480V according the user's choice, while the frequency is 45-46 Hz auto sensing. Inputs 1-3 channels is measurement with channel model 3, double with 1-3 channels, capture output or output 6 channel models. To sample rate is about 5760 samples/ sec, RMS voltage true RMS measurement accuracy is approximately 0.2% typical, + 2% maximum full scale. As for time synchronization is real time clock based to UTC (NIST standards) daily through i-Grid also SNTP approximately 0.1 seconds.

Voltage deviation at I-Sense Voltage Monitor is a half cycle RMS voltage of ≤87% or ≥115% of the normal provisions specified. Details of the event are 8 wave cycle data is -1 for 3 cycles at the beginning of the show and -3 + 1 cycle at the end of the event. For data storage I-Sense Voltage Monitor, use a non-volatile cache local storage for approximately 300 events and will be cleared after the automatic upload to I-Grid. For permanent storage of event types is no limit on I-Grid Database periodic RMS data logging. Minimum, medium, or maximum RMS voltage recorded for a period of 10 minutes. The minimum and maximum energy of I-Sense Voltage Monitor are low and high shear RMS ½ cycle period.


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