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Benefits and Application of SIMATIC RF300 and SIMATIC RF600 to take Advanced RFID Solutions for EtherNet/IP and raise productivity by reducing cycle times

SIMATIC RF300 and SIMATIC RF600 are Siemens EtherNet IP networking and programming interface that provides a path for a quick and successful project implementation. This interface has used Advanced RFID Solutions for EtherNet/IP™. Along with Comprehensive technologies - HF, UHF, Active Tags and Code Reading will make it provide detailed structured data of performance conditions. In several application,  firmware upgradable systems offer the latest technical advances for better access data transfer process.


Both of them has specific feature to take Advanced RFID Solutions for EtherNet/IP and raise  productivity by reducing cycle times.  How can be like that you can check explanation below:

SIMATIC RF300 uses RFID system to raise  productivity by reducing cycle times

SIMATIC RF300 used wide range of sensor systems based on RFID System in the HF Range. RFID system is reliable control of production and material flow that suitable with maintenance-free and rugged for all production tasks. The SIMATIC RF300 can raise  productivity by reducing cycle times.

1. Applications of SIMATIC RF300

SIMATIC RF300 was used in many industrial applications such as identification process for materials flow control and tracking guidance conveyor systems in machine construction. Automotive/electric appliances industry are main users for assembly lines in the automotive/electric appliances industry.

2. Benefits of SIMATIC RF300

Using SIMATIC RF300 is beneficial for identification tasks in rugged and compact components featuring a high degree of protection. In addition SIMATIC RF300 uses RFID System Frequency 13,56 MHz with ISO 15693 Standards is Easy integration into SIMATIC, PROFIBUS and PROFINET. It has free data storage units up to 64 KB memory and very fast data transmission between up to 8000 Byte/s with high data security system.

SIMATIC RF600 - Taking Advanced RFID Solutions for EtherNet/IP™

SIMATIC RF600 will help user in receipt of goods to their departure tracking and tracing process. With Advanced RFID technology, planning, commissioning and subsequent use are just as easy to be controlled. There are 4 types of SIMATIC RF600 you can choose. Check detail product description as below:

1. SIMATIC RF600 New Generation - particularly suitable for logistics applications that was integrated with PROFINET interface

Up-to-date technology, an intelligent concept and highest quality makes SIMATIC RF600 New Generation most commontly used in complex applications that need transparent and traceable control system becaused has been supported by a variable-polarization antenna. The SIMATIC RF600 New Generation was integrated with PROFINET interface particularly suitable for logistics applications.

2. RF650R - Efficiency for Logistics Applications that was integrated with RJ45 Ethernet interface and XML protocol

For efficiency reason, RF650R is suitable for use in logistics. Do not worry about this performance because it has been integrated with RJ45 Ethernet interface and XML protocol to support high access data transfer process. Connected with the RF650R makes it can be quickly and easily integrated into existing IT environments.

3. RF680R - the System for Automation Environments that was integrated with PROFINET interface without additional interface modules

RF680R is extremely flexible and adaptable in many applications. It has supported by extended LED display of the RF680R to displays all important information. One of added value is no additional interface modules required. It just only need PROFINET interface to make diagnosis on location in terms of plant engineering.

4. RF685R - Optimized Solution for the High-Quality Radio Chip Applications

RF685R is completed by supporting devise Integrated Antenna that makes it suitable for High-Quality Radio Chip application. Easily use and automatically set up antenna increases in operational use of RF685R to reduce the effort for system planning and implementation.


If you want flexible control of your production, do not hesitate to use SIMATIC RF300 and SIMATIC RF600. Both of them has proved provide many benefits to take Advanced RFID Solutions for EtherNet/IP and raise productivity by reducing cycle times. Those interfaces are also able to deliver the perfect identification solution to safeguard your competitive ability and make your business flexible for the future.


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