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Specification Products and Features of user friendly small plc controller compact  design for catching real time monitoring and changing of program parameters with a built-in data window

Small plc controller is reliable products Visual KV series from KEYENCE forefront of factory automation. This product goal is to meet the needs of our customers in every manufacturing industry. Users around the world will be provided fast shipping to improve their processes as quickly as possible. Any problem in installation process will be guided by technically trained direct sales force to solve tough applications and answer technical questions about KEYENCE products.

KEYENCE KV small plc controller

To know more about small plc controller as the Industry's first PLC with a built-in data window, please check product overview and features as below:

Product overview of Small plc controller

For catching real time monitoring and changing of program parameters, this Small compact plc  controller had built-in with an AC power supply. This makes many benefits such as below:
  1. Easy-to-use Access Window connected by Compact operator interface panel
  2. High access speed processing with 10-µs interrupt and 30-kHz.
  3. Easy execute speed counters based on Windows® ladder software programming

This is the Industry's first PLC with a built-in data window with main features as below:

Small Compact PLCs

This small plc controller is upgradable controller supported by easy to use Ladder Builder Software with featuring as below:
  1. User friendly with built-in Access Window design
  2. This small plc is the industry's first built-in Access Window . It was designed with  high-speed Visual KV. AC power supply model make more completed as compact unit controller includes an and an optional operator interface panel.
  3. Slim compact design smaller than conventional AC type PLCs saves mounting space and easy distribution panel and the control box
  4. 50 % higher fast Processing Speed compared to that of our conventional products

Access Window Function allows the PLC's data to be checked during modifications

This small plc controller is built-in display (Access Window) designed to be able make changes without a PC. It can be done caused by the following supporting fetures product:
  1. Built-in display (Access Window) Making Minor Changes to monitor operation or perform of the program
  2. Unconnected requirement to either a PC modifying device values
  3. On-the-fly Changes and adjustments to internal devices while the PLC is operating
  4. Automatic Program Check without connecting to a PC
  5. Key Lock Function to prevent accidental changes during set upprocessing
  6. Error Message Function Visual KV to prevent accidental changes and determine the error code
  7. simple ladder user message function program to indicate a user error code

Built-In Operator Interface to easily check, modify or detect abnormalities

Small plc controller was built in Operator Interface with several following benefits such as:
  1. The operator panel KV-D20 displays comments features easily check, change or detect abnormalities
  2. Full Scale Display to make adjustments without stopping the production line
  3. Status Check  at a glance customized switches F1 to F4 and lamps 1 to 4 can be confirmed
  4. Easy monitor I/0  terminals status
  5. Beep function to provide audio cues to operators
  6. Display customization to create a customized options


Small plc controller is really user friendly compact design Keyence product.  Customers who need real time monitoring and changing of program parameters do not hesitate to use this product. A long with recently technology, this controller compatible with a built-in data window that allows the PLC's data to be checked during modifications


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