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Controllogix Power Supplies's Overview

The overview of ControlLogix power supplies are used on 1756 chassis for providing in 1.2V, 3.3V, 5V then 24V DC power and directly go to backplane chassis. The configuration of ControlLogix power supplies can be select to standard power, redundant power and ControlLogix-XT power.
The features are present on some point as ControlLogix power supplies on these following:
Controllogix Power Supplies

The redundant of power supplies are offering:

  1. The solid state that relay to the recognition system of status supply when it wired with by an input of module.
  2. The indicators of LED for the pair status.
  3. The automatic chassis of the sharing load used in between the power supplies of redundant.

The modules of signals in imminent voltage chassis on failure for the system of shutdown orderly

  • Provides:
    1. Limited of time to hold up for unstable incoming the power of line.
    2. All voltages regulated that need for the module of ControlLogix to the chassis operate.

The Certifications and Environmentals

These are the ControlLogix power supplies specifications of environmental:
The Power Supplies of ControlLogix-XT CobtrolLogix Standard & The Power Supplies of Redundant
The Temperature of Storage -25…70 °C (-13…158 °F) 0…60 °C (32…140 °F)
The Temperature of Operating -40…85 °C (-40…185 °F) -40…85 °C (-40…185 °F)
The Humidity on Relative 5…95% non condensing 5…95% non condensing
Vibration 2 g at 10…500 Hz 2 g at 10…500 Hz
The Shock of Non operating 50 g 50 g
The Shock of Operating 30 g 30 g
Then, the certifications of ControlLogix Power Supplies especially when the product is marked are: TUV, ATEX, FM, C-Tick, CSA, CE, c-UL-us

The ControlLogix Standard Power Supplies

You’ll get the mount power supply standard on the end left chassis when it plugs into backplane directly on ControlLogix power supplies on standard.

The ControlLogix-XT Power Supplies

The product of ControlLogix power supplies on ControlLogix-Xt includes components system of communication and control. When its used the product of FLEX I/O-XT also provide the solution of control system completely. Then, its can be used in the range of environment temperatures start  -25...70 °C (-13...158 °F). The system of ControlLogix-XT still can stand on environments from it’s ranges temperature whet its used independently.  

The ControlLogix Redundant Power Supplies

In order to build the ControlLogix power supplies system of a redundant power supply, these are the following thing you need:
  1. Two kinds of 1756-PB75R and 1756-PA75  redundant power supplies.
  2. The user supplied of wiring annunciator for connecting it to the supplies of power with the modules of input like the needed.
  3. One adapter module chassis on 1756-PSCA2 that connects the power to the connector of single power from the power supplies of redundant on series B of ControlLogix backplane chassis.
  4. Two cables of 1756-CPR2 to connect the supplies of power with the adapter module chassis on 1756-PCSA2. The adapter module chassis on 1756-PCSA2 is a passive device which connects the power to the connector of single power on the series of B chassis backplane from the redundant of power supplies ControlLogix.

Thats'all related on Controllogix Power Supplies as the overview or description for you. Hope the Controllogix Power Supplies discussion you can find here usefull.


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