Friday, January 29, 2016

The Benefits and Capabilities Both of Existing Cognex Vision Pro and New VisionPro 8.4 / Cognex Designer 2.0 integration

Cognex vision pro makes is the latest VisionPro software with VisionPro 8.4 / Cognex Designer 2.0 integration in one package to build 2D, 3D, and multi-camera vision software applications. Many industries today, has options related to their application, whether they want to stay in the VisionPro software environment or consider building new vision applications using the new Cognex Designer / VisionPro package. Both of them has  many benefits, but along with advance technology, it is better to consider change application to use new Cognex Designer / VisionPro package.
For your consideration, let’s take a look the benefits and capabilities both of them

cognex vision pro

The Benefits and Capabilities for Existing VisionPro Users

Cognex vision pro Existing Users Package has Integrated License Security built into the hardware that makes it easy to maintain existing applications in VisionPro software and get full access to current and latest vision tools. Cognex vision pro Existing use Graphical sequence diagrams includes Cognex Designer, VisionPro, and Cognex hardware (VC5, 8704e, or CC24) to quickly build 90-100% of vision systems.  Vision Pro is integrated with Cognex Designer and Obtain the latest vision tools, such as PatMax® AutoTune.

Cognex vision pro provides integrated and easy PLC and IO communication and allow programmers and non-programmers to easy replace hardware dongles that have become misplaced or compromised at organizations.

The Benefits and Capabilities provided with New VisionPro 8.4 / Cognex Designer 2.0 integration

New Cognex VisionPro 8.4 / Cognex Designer 2.0 integration has Integrated with PLC, IO communication and PatMax® AutoTune. It is also using new Cognex Designer sequence blocks and PatMax® AutoTune to make baselines with noisy images.

New Cognex VisionPro 8.4 completed with New camera, New 3D vision tools and card support as displacement sensor to handle maintenance efficiencies in using the graphical capabilities and PLC integration with the vision tools provided by VisionPro are considered significant. It is also offer periodic fixes available through Service Releases.  In addition, New Cognex VisionPro 8.4 offers new feature and capability updates (like PatMax AutoTune) through the Cognex Designer package.

New Cognex VisionPro 8.4 / Cognex Designer 2.0 integration Application

New Cognex vision pro has been implemented in several application such as Inspect for assembly errors, surface defects, damaged parts and missing features, gauge parts to check critical dimensions and/or measure components for sorting and classification processes. In addition, it also having function as guide automation equipment and robotic devices. This software can be used in Barcode Reading inspection to read 1-D barcodes and 2-D matrix codes as part of an overall inspection and verify alphanumeric characters marked directly on parts and printed on labels.


Cognex vision pro offers complete vision solutions consisting of vision controllers, vision hardware, and vision software. In the advance application, this software has complied with Cognex's complete software environment to allow organizations to build 2D, 3D, and multi-camera vision software applications. Explanation above  has gave users options whether to choose Cognex vision pro Existing Users or New Cognex VisionPro 8.4. Both of them have each benefits and capabilities that user can take based on their needs.


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