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Directlogic 305, The small modular PLC building on the past with a proven performer for many industrial automation applications and good performer and a great value

Directlogic 305 is a small modular PLC that basically consist of Three standard CPUs including the D3-350 CPU with PID control and two communication ports. This controller has specific instruction set (compatible with the DL405, DL205, DL105, and DL05 PLC families) to execute program data set up. It was supported by some super practical communications port.

directlogic 305

Directlogic 305 can be set on control system composed by several supporting devices such as CPUs, Specialty CPUs, Bases & Expansion, DC I/O, AC I/O and AC/DC I/O (Relay Outputs). This controller has supplied by appropriate AC, DC, and relay outputs,  Analog I/O and Communications & Networking to faster execute data system.

More about Directlogic 305 can be learn as below:

DirectLOGIC 305 Programmable Logic Controller building on the past with a proven performer

Directlogic 305 has Koyo design extremely reliable and well-suited for many industrial automation applications and good performer and a great value. This controller has been building on the past with a proven performer  and over 3,000,000 sold as prefered communication interface module (for use with D3-330 and D3-340 CPUs).

Directlogic 305 supported by 110/ 220 VAC or 24 VDC power supply, Specialty modules such as ASCII/ BASIC module, high-speed counter, and also having five, eight and 10-slot bases, Eight or 12-bit analog input/output.

DirectLOGIC 305 PLC Features and Review

Directlogic 305 completed with Real-time calendar/ clock and historical error logging and Specialty CPUs to convert a DL305 system. This system has compatibled with an RTU for Optomux, Pamux, or to allow BASIC programming for custom applications. To stamp error conditions, user will be notified by Trigger events in logic or time-and-date.

Directlogic 305 was supported by two communication ports include built-in remote I/O master for long-distance I/O expansion to faster scheduling process and reduces logic required to operate loops with 'auto-tune' allow the CPU to automatically determine the near-optimum loop settings.

In addition, Directlogic 305 is completed by four super-easy PID loops. This has function as automatic loop to fill in the blank chart for alarms and ramp/ soak. And finally, programming software includes loop tune screen with trending will make this system more powerful.

Directlogic 305  family of products

To support its function in control system design, DirectLOGIC 305 PLC  has several family products such as CPUs, Optional Program Memory, Specialty Modules, Discrete output modules, Discrete input modules, Specialty CPUs, Bases, Programming SW & Cables. All of products have been sold by previous vendors under a wide variety of part numbers.


Directlogic 305 has proved as preferred option small modular PLC in various application. It is building on the past with a proven performer for many industrial automation applications and good performer and a great value for several years ago till today. User can choose appropriate Directlogic 305  family of products for better product assignment. For your consideration, The DirectLOGIC DL305 PLC series is a small modular PLC that has been marketed by various name-brand PLC manufacturers for over 30 years. So, it makes you more convinced to use this products.


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