Sunday, January 24, 2016

Knowing the Omron ZEN V2

Omron ZEN V2 easy to use for small-scale automatic control programming also can save space, Wiring and installation steps. Omron ZEN V2 has a design ideal with width and height 90 mm. This single unit is easily give timers, counters, relay and switching function of time. You do not have to use a cable when using this tool as a timer device and does not require a cable counter.
Omron ZEN V2

The Review of Omron ZEN V2
Omron ZEN V2 is equipped with an LCD screen that there are 8 operation buttons on the front panel to perform programming in ladder arrangement format. LCD screen also comes with a backlight that allows you to see the display when the article is used in a dark location.

Omron ZEN V2 is expansion flexible allowing reached 441/ O space. Up to three expansion I/ O units can be connected even though no I/ O points are enough. Expansion I/ O has a width of 35 mm. CPU unit has 10 I/ O can be expanded to 34 I/ O points. You should know the unit Expansion I / O cannot be linked with economic CPU Unit kind.

Omron ZEN V2 has support software with the simulation function. Program in it can be written easily, stored and then monitored using a personal computer. In addition the program can be simulated on a personal computer without having to connect to these devices. You need to know, for notebooks that do not have an RS-232C serial port should connect the Zen to a computer using a USB cable

The Function of Omron ZEN V2
Versatile Functions of Omron ZEN V2 is the use of memory cassettes makes it easy to copy and save your program, equipped with two types of analog input channels. There is also a security password for the device. The device is also equipped with 6 languages that you can choose. User display messages on the display with analog type. There is an increase in the weekly time and calendar time with improved precision timing. You can operate the device for a few days with the lighting and air conditioning control is automatically controlled.

For Omron ZEN V2 economic kind the CPU unit can be purchased at a lower price just cannot add expansion I/ O. This device can perform up to 12 operations VCD. Conditions production line can also be monitored remotely by monitoring the control status Zen

For Omron ZEN V2 conventional model is more precise analog incorporate approximately 10% FS, for V2 approximately 1.5%. Model DC power supply is equipped with two analog inputs. There are several analog comparisons, increased precision can make easier to use these devices in simple control applications with voltage, temperature and other analog values. Omron ZEN V2 is also equipped with 8-digit counter and 150 Hz cons that can maximize unit work and allows you to operate it. There is also a twin time operation that lets you set ON or off separately.

That is some information about Omron ZEN V2. All electronic devices do have advantages and disadvantages, so before you buy and wear you must know in advance the specifications of the device.


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