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SLC 500 Controller’s Overview

The SLC 500 Controller family todays provides the proven approach especially for controlling the industrial. The processor of SLC 500 Controller are available the functional designs in a wide range. Then, it can be connected to the networks varieties for the process of distributed and also distributed I/O. The products of 1746 I/O is offering a digital full range and the I/O analog in assembly rugged modular includes an intelligent I/O.

SLC 500 Controller

SLC 500 Controller’s Specification

  1. SLC Processor Module
  2. The input process values specially to control the outputs. It includes 2-2 ports of communication.
  3. 1747 Communication Module
  4. It provides the additional of communications by computers or the other PLCs.
  5. 1747 I/O Scanner Module
  6. It provides remote I/O and processor communications
  7.  1746 I/O Modules
  8. It converts the signal of input circuit to the levels of backplane, then converts the signal og backplane to the level of output circuit.
  9. 1746 I/O Connection Hardware
  10. It plugs to I/O modules front to provide the points of connection to I/O circuits.

From the specification above, the are some benefits of SLC 500 Controller such as the modular processors, memory options, I/O, power supplies and interface of communications that allows for an expandable system and a configuration. Then, you can configure SLC 500 Controller for memory amount, I/O of number and the networks of communication you need. You also can add communications interfaces or I/O when you want to take an expand of your system.  Here the following of other benefits:
  1. The fast messages delivery
  2. You will get it between networks, the module across to backplane and the links within networks.
  3. Hardened product industrially
  4. It is designed to thermal extremes, withstand of vibrations and associated of electrical noise by the environments of hars industrial.
  5. Compact design
  6. It is limited on the space panel
  7. Many option of networks
  8. Take the processing distributed advantage from the processors connecting across DH=, DeviceNet, ControlNet, Ethernet and DH-485 networks.
  9. I/O choices in more
  10. It distributed ob I/O at the remote of locations from processor and can connect to I/O links of Universal remote, DeviceNet and ControlNet.

System Components of SLC 500 Controller

The SLC 500 Controller  at SLC/1746 system control on a modular hardware at the minimum, it consists by module processor and the modules of 1/0 in chassis in single 1746 by the supply of power. The power supply of 1746 connects to the end of left on chassis each 1746. Then, you can choose tip configure the system by the local chassis on the one, two or three for the total 30 local module maximum of communication or I/O.

You can connect the chassis of multiple local in a same time by the interconnected cables of chassis for extending signal line of backplane to another chassis. Then, choose the module of processor by on board of the ports communication you need. Optionally, you can add the modules to SLC 500 Controller to provide the additional ports of communication for processor.

The overview of SLC 500 Controller from some point that has explained before, you can see many thing to choose it. Depending to the ports of communication you can select the operator interfaces which are more compatible by the particular ports on your SLC 500 Controller system.


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