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Keyence LK G5000, The latest cutting-edge technology sensors for measuring distance and position with high speed, accuracy and precision

Keyence LK G5000 is Ultra High-Speed/High-Accuracy Laser Measurement Sensors from LK-G5000 series categories to provide excellent performance in any application. This Single point laser triangulation measurement sensor is built with the latest cutting-edge technology for measuring distance and position with high speed, accuracy and precision. Keyence LK G5000 has applied in various application to support High-Speed, High-Accuracy Measurements on Reflective Targets, then this following detail products should you have understood well:

keyence lk g5000

Keyence LK G5000 Stable and Accurately measurement With New Cutting-Edge Technology

This sensor is able to set up laser light intensity automatically to the optimal level. Based on New Cutting-Edge Technology, The Small Sensor Head able to adjust 61% of the conventional size according to the target.

Keyence LK G5000 is packed with ABLE II active balance laser control engine to maximize the RS-CMOS capability by balancing the three elements of laser emission time, laser power, and gain. The benefits are:
  1. Good Dynamic range, 3x better than conventional model
  2. Good Resolution of laser emission times, 4 times better than conventional model
  3. Well high enough speed tracking capability, 8 times better than conventional model

Keyence LK G5000 has new developed RS-CMOS R = HIGH-RESOLUTION S = HIGH-SPEED to accomplish higher accuracy and repeatability for challenging applications. The benefits are:
  1. High-speed data transfer and pixel data, 8 times better than conventional model using the quad speed clock
  2. High-resolution, 2 times better than conventional model using highly-defined received light wave patterns

Keyence LK G5000 variety of sensor heads for use on highly reflective targets

Keyence LK G5000 has variety of sensor heads are suitable for each substance and use on highly reflective targets. This sensor focused beam spots and are ideally suited for high accuracy measurements on such surfaces with two types measurements as below:
  1. Measurement of metal surfaces including that of brushed metal surfaces and rubber surfaces
  2. Measurement of the IC Pin Height that allows high precision profile measurements

For varies type of surfaces, Keyence LK G5000 is also completed by wide spot type with conventional focused spot sensors Using wide spot type will effect of the uneven surface is averaged and stable measurements.

Keyence LK G5000 Controller: 3 Selectable Styles to get Optimal profile measurements

Keyence LK G5000 interfacing with Peripheral Equipment has 3 Selectable Styles to get Optimal profile measurements as below:

    1. Connect up to 12 to additional head units

    This sensor head is possible to measure simultaneously with up to 12 heads and compatible with CC-Link/DeviceNet™.

    2. Convenience calculation by more than one head

    This calculation function enabling the user to easily set complicated calculations inside the controller that were conventionally done with PLCs or PCs.

    3. Easy configuration and Analysis

    This configuration and analysis is easy to be done with PC by receiving Light Wave Pattern Display, and then High-Capacity Data Storage up to 120 million data points read data by moving the cursor vertically.


Keyence LK G5000 is profitable products to be used in industries because has completed by the latest cutting-edge technology sensors for measuring distance and position with high speed, accuracy and precision. In several application such as Auto Chassis International uses a custom-built tester to finely measure heat distortion on brake discs. All of the process is made complex but can be measured by this sensor that makes this product is no worry to be preferred choice.


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