Monday, January 18, 2016

The Benefits of Using SIMATIC S7-1500 Software to support flexible connection to any interfaces controller and field bus systems that applicable with industry-standard SIMATIC IPCs to increase system availability

As part of control system design and efficient engineering due to the Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Portal, SIMATIC S7-1500 Software will offer advantages for fast controller ramp-up and suitable for special-purpose machine manufacturing. This software was operated independently of Windows and fully compatible with the standard SIMATIC S7-1500 Controllers.

SIMATIC S7-1500 Software function to support new controller generation for PC-based Automation from maximum user friendliness and scalability in performance with scoup total of benefits as below:


SIMATIC S7-1500 Software support flexible connection to any interfaces controller and field bus systems

SIMATIC S7-1500 stand up independently of Windows so make it possible to carry out Windows updates and rebooting while the control system is running. Easy set up process and flexible connection to any interfaces and field bus systems is main reason why user should make it in thiers design control system.

Integrated system functions of user-specific functions via open interfaces  and analogous to Advanced Controllers make it suitable for special-purpose machine manufacturing with high requirements in terms of performance and functions.

SIMATIC S7-1500 Software applicable with industry-standard SIMATIC IPCs to increase system availability

SIMATIC S7-1500 Software is easy and rapid controller startup. It doesn't matter how operating system position, because it works independently and event Windows can reboot during ongoing operation. This will be added value also in case of Windows failure. Operation process still on going and  Continued controller operation. Many varian option set up on free scalability over the whole IPC product range.

SIMATIC S7-1500 Software increase engineering efficiency and compliance with customer-specific requirements

SIMATIC S7-1500 Software is combination PC software for many functions such as image processing functions in one device, eased communication. It works based on complex algorithms in the control program to comply engineering in the TIA Portal. No Windows settings required, it just work on model-based high-level languages in the user program and software development.

In some cases, this SIMATIC S7-1500 Software interfaces to PC applications with ODK 1500S and full compatibility with S7-1500 direct integration of Simulink models to achieve Target 1500S.

Well organized SIMATIC S7-1500 Software Controller with Security Integrated Application System

SIMATIC S7-1500 Software concerns to safety. It has Security Integrated Application System to protect machine manufacturers that only authorized person can access protection for end users. Every process should be comply security process and if necessary can be taken suitable preventive action.
For safety protection reason some process steps was integrated the automation and drive components into a state-of-the-art holistic industrial security concept for the entire plant or machine.


Using the SIMATIC S7-1500 Software Controller is beneficially. It offers many advantages of the SIMATIC S7-1500 standard controller on industrial PCs to support flexible connection to any interfaces controller and field bus systems. At least 4 items benefits mention above will make user comfort to choose this software to support their controlling design need. It can be applied with industry-standard SIMATIC IPCs to increase system availability. In addition, this software is safe to be used. It ensures the secure operation of a plant or machine and protect your system from any third-party products that may be collaborated in your system.


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