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Take benefits on area application many types of SIPLUS S7-1500 and SIPLUS Extreme for a reliable operation under difficult to extreme conditions

SIPLUS S7-1500 and SIPLUS Extreme are collaboration products as  the latest generation of controllers to appear in the TIA Portal for maximizing productivity. For a reliable operation under difficult to extreme conditions you can use SIPLUS Extreme. When you use SIPLUS Extreme you can rely on mature, state-of-the-art automation and drive components – and you have all the advantages of SIPLUS S7-1500 usage on harsh industrial environments subject to extended temperature ranges and/or corrosive atmospheres.

SIPLUS S7-1500 and SIPLUS Extreme

There are 3 types of SIPLUS Extreme used on on harsh industrial environments as below:

SIPLUS HCS3200 to significantly reduce the amount of cabling required in the heating elements

SIPLUS HCS3200 is the compact solution to significantly reduce the amount of cabling required with high IP65 protection rating.

The compact SIPLUS HCS3200 with high IP65 protection rating can be used nearby the heating elements. This enables you to significantly reduce the amount of cabling required. Data transfer process via the PROFIBUS DP fieldbus with a higher-level control system such as SIMATIC S7 or SIMOTION is suitable for all common heating elements such as quartz heaters, cartridge heaters, ceramic heaters, and infrared heaters up to 15x starting current.

Take benefits of SIPLUS HCS3200 on each area of application

All of industries with heating elements inside are suitable for SIPLUS HCS3200 application for example the automotive and food & beverages industry as for all machine manufacturers, or for plastics processing.

Smaller footprint, reduced wiring costs with integrated power output fuse and phase fuse are added value for this controller application. Fast and precise percentage ((in 1% steps from 0% - 100%) make it easy and efficient integration into existing automation systems. Users are also got problem free service and maintenance during installation process.

SIPLUS HCS4200 applicable on heating control system controls and switches heating elements for space-saving installation in the control cabinet

SIPLUS HCS4200 is supported by 230-V / 277 V heating elements and Up to  23 kW output power per power output module that makes it suitable for heating control system controls and switches heating elements application. Plug and play power output modules, easy install and flexibly expandable are ideal for space saving installation in the control cabinet.

Take benefits of SIPLUS HCS4200 on each area of application

All industries with automation landscape configuration are suitable for SIPLUS HCS4200 application for example drying paints and coatings, thermoforming, , car door interiors, refrigerator door interiors  – and welding plastics.

High percentage accuracy, Significant space and wiring savings supported by simple integration into the automation network via the TIA Portal (Totally Integrated Automation) are benefits that users will get if using this controller. Do not worry if you want to use for many application because this controller is flexible to use of different types of heating element such as quartz, halogen, infrared emitters, heating cartridges.

SIPLUS HCS4300 controls and switches heating elements via PROFINET or PROFIBUS

SIPLUS HCS4300 will guarantee production reliability because it can detect problems like internal faults in the load circuit, blown fuses, and faulty heater cables. Communication via PROFINET or PROFIBUS will make detailed diagnostics can be done comprehensively.

Take benefits of SIPLUS HCS4300 on each area of application

Manufacturing PET bottles are the most widely used this controller such as suitcases, plastic cups and refrigerator door interiors.

Easy fuse replacement, Quick mounting on busbar or to rear control cabinet wall with 24V infeed required for CIM and POM are main reason why user are comfortably used this product. In addition, this also perform highest level of production reliability and perfectly integrated in Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) solutions.


Many types of SIPLUS Extreme and SIPLUS S7-1500 will give user benefits if used on proper area application based on product specification. Siemens is specially released these products, systems and solutions for a reliable operation under difficult to extreme conditions with any aspect in automation and drive engineering. Any problem suring installation process will be supported free service and maintenance from qualified technician.


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