Sunday, February 7, 2016

Feature, Benefits and Application of SICK DT50, The Hi distance sensor that provide exceptional measurement capabilities

SICK DT50 is Hi distance sensor with new enhancements measurement range: 200 … 20,000 mm and resolution: 1 mm that provide exceptional measurement capabilities. This sensor offers a variety of application possibilities for example in logistics industries to prevent collisions between gantry cranes, checking presence or storage space occupancy.


SICK DT50 is simply better distance sensor which provide the perfect combination of measurement performance and size. SICK sensor intelligence produce this product with Profiler™ 2 short range distance sensor and linear measurement sensor. This sensor offers flexible use in different applications due to its 20 m measurement range, reducing stock-holding costs. and provide reliable operation despite extreme temperatures and harsh ambient conditions. Since the settings for speed, sensing range, and repeatability can be adjusted to meet current requirements.

SICK DT50 Product features and fields of application

SICK DT50 can be normally operated on Operating temperature: -30 … +65 °C with repeatability : ± 1 mm and accuracy: ± 7 mm and delivers up to 3,000 distance values per second for maximum throughput and process quality. This sensor has output rate: 2 ms and Analogue output: 4 … 20 mA and 1 switching output and can be resistance to ambient light: 40 flux that makes saving time during installation and commissioning.

SICK DT50 has a rugged housing, and can be customized to suit each and every possible application. For example is used for the timber industry: reliable scanning detection of all planks, or positioning of plank edges. In addition, it is more over applied on the automotive industry to supports precise and reliable measuring, with ranges of up to 10 m on black targets and up to 30 m on white targets. In this application, this sensor is regulating slack in the tyre industry, regulating gaps on overhead conveyor systems, or the long-distance inspection of the quality of semi-finished parts.

SICK DT50 Product Benefits for Customer

SICK DT50 has the visible red light laser allows rapid and precise alignment. This make rapidly detecting object and therefore cost-saving commissioned thanks to intuitive operation via the LC display. As part of innovative HD measurement algorithm ensures reduced machine downtime due to its extremely high measurement reliability and immunity to ambient light and having setting the standard in the field of distance sensors with the new generation of SICK company.

SICK DT50 completed with  the robust metal housing and wide temperature range guarantee increased machine availability to support variety of application possibilities. It has high repeatability also ensures the quality of your results over longer distances.


SICK DT50 has applied in several industries application due to many benefits that user can get. This Hi distance sensor has specific specification to support its function to provide exceptional measurement capabilities. This sensor really having reliable scanning detection of all detecting object. Using this sensor at least you can get cost-saving commissioned thanks to intuitive operation via the LC display and reduced machine downtime to produce high measurement reliability and immunity results rely on advance flight technology, the new product family SICK Company.


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