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Products Overview and Benefits Pilz Programmable Safety Relay, The safety relays technology product to protect man and machine on emergency condition

Pilz Programmable Safety Relay is safety relays technology product to protect man and machine on emergency condition. This device monitor safety functions such as E-STOP, safety gate, light grid, two-hand control, light beam devices, muting, pressure sensitive mats, time, standstill, speed, voltage and many more.

Pilz Programmable Safety Relay

Pilz Programmable Safety Relay  is the optimum safety solution for each requirement consists of 7 types to provide many options for user’s need with detail product as below:

    Pilz Programmable Safety Relay PNOZsigma

    This device has Maximum functionality in minimum width, can be operated with selectable modes and times and diagnostics in seconds.

    Pilz Programmable Safety Relay PNOZ X

    This device has AC/DC versions with Electromechanical, volt-free and Tailor-made safety for each function

    Pilz Programmable Safety Relay PNOZcompact

    This device used for emergency stop or safety gate monitoring, repetitive standardised functions, monitoring of E-STOP, safety gates, light grids and compatible with high volume series machine manufacturers.

    Pilz Programmable Safety Relay PNOZelog

    This device is easy to link, non-wearing application and enable to expanded diagnostics.

    Pilz Programmable Safety Relay PNOZpower

    This Safety relay PNOZpower has high loads from 8 A to 16 A, switch motor loads directly and modular output contacts

    Pilz Programmable Safety Relay PNOZclassic

    The safety relay PNOZclassic is the first emergency stop relays PNOZ (since 1987) with proven safety technology.

    Pilz Programmable Safety Relay PNOZplus / PNOZmulti Mini

    Safety relay PNOZplus / PNOZmulti Mini  is modular safety relays enable expandable with input modules

Application and Overview of Pilz programmable safety

Pilz programmable safety is safety relays products that comply with international standards, secured by the security and innovative strength to support low downtimes for your plant or machinery and optimum cost/performance ratio. This safety relay product can be used easily, just plug and play with innovative cage clamp technology.

Using Pilz programmable safety, user will get fast commissioning, due to units with plug-in terminals can be integrated with other machinery safety, standard, compliant and economical device in accordance with prEN ISO 13849-1 and SIL 3 in accordance with IEC 62061.

The Benefits of Pilz programmable safety

 Pilz programmable safety is one of the leading brands in automation technology that offer an enormous benefit in terms of both economy and safety. This safety relay product comply with short commissioning and service times with greater functionality inside the control cabinet due to smaller housing sizes.

User will get innovative cage clamp technology, easy set up for example screws can be replaced by a simple clamping operation, on a one-to-one basis and no need to redraw the circuit diagrams. Additional safety relays components can be found under the respective product ranges such as PNOZ X, PNOZsigma, PNOZelog, PNOZmulti and PNOZpower.


Pilz Programmable Safety Relay is suitable device to get optimum safety solution for every requirement, The safety relays technology product was specifically to protect man and machine on emergency condition. Products overview and benefits mention above will make you more understand which products you have to choose to be set up on your safety relay control system to monitor the safety functions on your plant or machine. Do not hesitate to use it and you're bound to find the right one for each specific application.


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