Thursday, March 31, 2016

Difference between Sensors and Limit Switches

Sensors and limit switches are two important elements commonly used in the manufacture of electronic systems. Both have understanding and working principles are different. Here are the Difference between sensors and limit switches.

Definition Sensors and Limit Switches

The difference between sensor and limit switch first is about understanding. The first is a sensor, the sensor is a device used to detect or to measure the magnitude. The sensor is a type of transducer useful to change mechanist variations, thermal, magnetic and chemical rays into electrical current or voltage.

Generally, categorized by the measuring sensor and is useful for controlling the modern manufacturing process. Generally the function sensors to detect changes in the physical environment or chemicals that could be used to convert the amount into analog electronic circuits that make it easier to read. While the limit switch is an element that serves to connect and disconnect the electric current in a circuit adapted to mechanic structure of the limit switch.

Limit switch terminal has three main central terminals, normally closed and normally open terminal. Limit switches are used for limiting the tools that are currently operating and the third terminal duty to cut off power to the circuit.

The Working Principle of Sensors and Limit Switches

The difference between sensor and limit switch both is on the principle works. The working principle of the sensor is determined by the material used in the main sensor associated with the kind of massive objects. The sensor will work capturing every stimulus he got such a movement, object, light, magnetic, thermal and other such information which is then processed and converted into electric current.

While the working principle of the limit switch is like the use of keys that can only be connected when the valve is pressed at the boundaries of a particular emphasis and will decide when it released the pressure valve. Limit switches are included in the category of mechanical provide electrical changes occur when mechanical changes on the sensor. The working principle of the limit switch is activated by pressing a button on a wrought predetermined resulting connection and disconnection of the circuit.

That’s the Difference between sensors and limit switches. Both of these components have its own role in an electronic system. In order to use it properly then you should know the difference between sensors and limit switch to avoid some mistakes selection of components in an electronic system to you.


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