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DAQFactory HMI/SCADA Software from Azeotech that make changes in a swift without stopping and rebuilding the application

DAQFactory is measurement and automation HMI SCADA Software produced by AzeoTech Company. Different from other HMI / SCADA packages, DAQFactory allows you to make changes in a swift without stopping and rebuilding the application. Then, if you decide you need to see a new trend graph of a tag after you already have your application running, you can simply create a new page, drop a new graph on to the page and tell it to plot the tag, all without stopping the application. With the appropriate license, you can even switch a runtime installation to development mode, make a change, and revert to runtime without ever having to stop and rebuild the application.

HMI SCADA Software azeotech
HMI SCADA Software by

DAQFactory HMI SCADA Software comes with 11 (eleven) stunning features in one amazing package. The free version, DAQFactory Express, supports the T7/U3/U6/UE9/U12. To get DAQFactory Express, download the normal DAQFactory Pro Trial from AzeoTech, and the Express version is included.

DAQFactory HMI SCADA Software Features:

All the DAQFactory HMI SCADA Software has powerful scripting engine gives you the ultimate in flexibility features are mentioned as follows:

DAQFactory HMI SCADA Software make changes without Stopping

DAQFactory HMI SCADA Software features zero downtime that means you are not required to stop to make changes. If you are doing an experiment that requires continuous acquisition to maintain the state of the system you can now make changes without having to stop and restart your experiment from scratch.

DAQFactory HMI SCADA Software Device Support

DAQFactory HMI SCADA Software offers support for a wide range of devices including Serial and Ethernet based devices, OPC Client, LabJack Manufacturer DLL. The Manufacturer DLL allows you to call external DLLs provided by device manufacturers. With minimal scripting, you can use the manufacturer’s DLL to communicate with most devices.

DAQFactory HMI SCADA Software Data Logging

After you have created some channels, you will probably want to start by saving your newly acquired data to disk.  Then this feature offers the continuous logging, batch logging, and log to ASCII files, import it into Excel or other tools, log to databases, reading files and databases back into DAQFactory.

DAQFactory HMI SCADA Software Custom Screens

With the custom screens menu you are possible to monitor your system up to 44 screen components. You can also configure without scripting, or use scripting for more advanced applications. The fully dynamic change colors or text, flash the component, or do animations. All supported with multi-lingual support.

Graphing / Trending and Scripting

The features displays trend graphs, XY graphs, Error bars / Wind barbs / Colorized traces and other features. Depending on your choice use a little, use a lot, or use it not at all. Similar to VB, C and other languages makes it easy to learn.

Function Parser with PID Control to get easily acquire data

Fast array math, flexible data selection, large function library, and use in many different locations. You can create as many PID loops as you need and eliminate the need for hardware controllers. It features channels isolate I/O from user interface, easy setup and complete control, and conversions to convert into desired units.

Runtime, Alarming and Networking

Switch between runtime and development mode without stopping. DAQFactory alarming allows you to watch for different events that may occur within your system and flag them. It supports SMTP outgoing email and POP3 incoming email, FTP, Autodialer, Integrated DAQConnect support and Remote Connectivity.


DAQFactory HMI SCADA Software allows non-programmers to make custom applications.  It is easy to collect input data, convert to engineering units, display it, and log it to file, without any programming and make changes in a swift without stopping and rebuilding the application. Scripting is also supported so you can do advanced applications with control and automatic setting of outputs.  For more information, or to download, go to  For support, you can visit the AzeoTech's forum.


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