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Difference between Active and Passive Sensor

Sensor is one very important component in a system of control and measurement systems. A system can know to stimuli and stimulus which then produces the amount to be processed when using the sensor. The sensor can also be interpreted as a device that can receive and respond to signals and stimulus had captured. Basically, the sensor divides into two types with the different principal working.

Difference between Active and Passive Sensor

Definition and principal working of active and passive sensor

Passive sensor is a sensor that does not require additional energy source and can automatic emit electrical signals to be able to respond stimulus or it could be said that the energy on the stimulation stimulus in convection by sensors which then becomes the output signal. As examples of the passive sensor is a thermocouple, photodiode and piezoelectric.

Passive Sensor

The active sensor is a sensor that requires an additional energy source for the system work. This additional energy source is usually called the excitation signal. This signal serves to be modified by the sensors to process the output signals. One of the examples of active sensors is thermistor.

Thermistor is a temperature sensor that can remove the amount of resistance, this type of sensor does not emit electrical signals to the signal but the existence of an electric current. The resistance can be measured by detecting changes in the voltage or electric current passing through the thermistor.  It is because there is a relationship between an electric current to the electric voltage and resistance like those contained in ohm's law.

The advantages know the difference between active and passive sensor

Find out information about difference between active and passive sensor is important because you can learn what action could be given to the system. In any system making sure you must know what and how the principles of the system components. For a designer and manufacturer of the system must understand what he designed, so that when there is damage or other problems could still improve and find solutions for the system to return to normal. Besides,  by understanding the characteristics of each component. Then you can design a system with a design that is simple and easy, so you can be more efficient in preparing the system because it is not too costly to purchase components.

Those are the information about difference between active and passive sensor that you should know before assembling or preparing components into a system. Without knowing the difference between the two sensors will be difficult to design the system and can be costly.


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