Friday, March 4, 2016

Do more with WirelessHART Standard, an advantage evolution in Communication Technology

WirelessHART Standard is solution for communication technology that built on the solid foundation of the HART Communication Protocol. What the industries want from the wiring and wireless technology to support more for they IT solutions? It is always a common answer that require with that question. And the answer was security, reliability and ease-of-use wireless technology.

With the same with the HART standard itself, WirelessHART Standard can give more than just the secure, reliable and ease-of-use wireless technology for industries proven process. WirelessHART meet all that industries need from the wireless technology adapted just like field proven worldwide with billions of operating hours, low-risk, low-cost, interoperable, and uses the same tools and skills as the HART Protocol, so that was mean that the WirelessHART Standard was make and serve more than wireless technology for proven industries intention.


As we known, the IT’s or Information Technology was something require in any field today, from the educational process, industries, government, or it just to support people leisure activities. With WirelessHART Standard, the wireless technology was developed to more than what it need. It developed with the HART and WirelessHART Standard itself, then why users should choose the WirelessHART Standard? Just go further more and lets found more with the HART “doubled” Standard in Wireless technology to feel more Industries IT’s support development as below:

Get Secure, Reliable and Simple more benefits with WirelessHART Standard

The secure, reliable and simple or easy-to-use was the common standard that the industries IT supports wanting to choose adaptable wireless technology. In HART itself there is something common and requirement inside all business process. And it is more benefits you will get with WirelessHART Standard:

  • WirelessHART Standard has Simple process. It is because WirelessHART was not only robust technology that is simple to implement and so it was enables users to quickly and easily gain the benefits of wireless technology while maintaining compatibility with existing HART devices, tools and systems.

  • WirelessHART Standard has reliable performance system. WirelessHART Standard with dense infrastructures, frequent movement of large equipment, changing conditions, or numerous sources of radio-frequency and electromagnetic interference may have communication challenges. WirelessHART includes several features to provide built-in 99.9% end-to-end reliability in all industrial environments and can give more beneficial when applied such as; clear channel assessments tests for available channels, blacklisting avoids frequently used channels, optimized bandwidth and radio time and time synchronization for on-time messaging

  • WirelessHART Standard is secure to implemented and of course WirelessHART employs robust security measures to protect the network and secure the data at all times. Not only “secure” reason, WirelessHART go with more standard protects valuable information that come with such of reasons; Robust, multi-tiered, always-on security, industry standard 128-bit AES encryption, Unique encryption key for each message, Data integrity and device authentication, rotate encryption keys used to join the network.

Get more measurements into the control system for any number of reasons with WirelessHART Standard

It is WirelessHART that want to bring more than wires solution, it came with more than wires that be and advantage of WirelessHART. It came from the willingness to solve the numbers of the industries wires technology that have capability to bring more than IT’s solutions.

And so if You need to get more measurements into the control system for any number of reasons – regulatory compliance, safety, energy savings, environmental, quality or process improvements, but there aren’t more spare wires available and the cost to run more wires is go in crazy– of course it come with required engineering time, installation time, wire costs, and the age or condition of the existing wires in the cable trays was poor, and you don’t want to lay new wire on top of the old wires. The WirelessHART Standard comes to give more than solutions.


WirelessHART Standard was the wireless solution for the industries that can give more than standard wireless solution for industrial IT’s support. The WirelessHART was provided by the HART Protocol that comes with lots of time in advantage to provide the industries wireless solution and so with the industrial IT’s support.


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