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Product Information and the benefits of the Eurotherm Temperature Controller, indicator and alarm units for automation and control process solution

Eurotherm Temperature Controller panel is one of importance instrument used for industrial engineering and machinery control process. The thermal panel and instrument need to be installed integrated with the indicator, alarm unit engineering systems inside the industry because it was need as the part of the system check up and the monitoring inside all of the industrial process.

Due to the fact,many aspect need to be viewed more inside the industrial business process included the instrument and panel control, the data recording system and measurement and so as good as the industrial machinery itself. It was challenging, especially when need to viewed small aspect such as thermal or temperature in whole industries process.

Eurotherm Temperature Controller

By that fact many manufacture was developed the temperature controller. One of world class named was Eurotherm. Eurotherm was highly experience to develop any instrument and panel for the industries needed. One of the product segment go further more and take the specialities to produce and developed Eurotherm Temperature Controller. Here in this titling would be shown couple of the product of Eurotherm Temperature Controller instrument.

Eurotherm Temperature Controller, great precision for the temperature control panel to show crystal clear data output, controlling and all variables inside

The process of Eurotherm Temperature Controller provide precision control of temperature and a host of other process variables together with great technology making it the most adaptable product in its class. There are several types of Eurotherm temperature controller that was remarkable and recognized by the industries and industrial around the world. There are several types of the product developed by eurotherm and here are some of the popular product that was popular in the marketplace. The product are s below:

  1. Eurotherm 3504, 3508 that was kind of advanced features configured using a PC temperature. It's just because this controller is build with great PID’s features such as ;2 PID loops, includes the 50 programs precision PV input, carbon potential, maths/logic/timers, custom user interface, recipes, modbus RTU ethernet, modbus TCP, profibus DP, and DeviceNet network. This make eurotherm temperature models would be ideal for applying automation: heat treatment, semi-conductors, environmental chambers, Autoclaves, reactors and fermenters, melt pressure, and other Process applications.

  2. Eurotherm 2200 Controller / Programmer Build with nice features such as ; universal input, heating and cooling outputs, motorized valve output, up to three alarm relays, setpoint rate limit with timer function, heater current display and load diagnostics. This high stability temperature / process controllers, that was kind of ideal programmable or temperature controller panel instrument for Plastics - Extrusion with optimized fan or water cooling algorithms, heat treatment such as ovens and furnaces, cold stores, packaging machines, food and brewing.

  3. Eurotherm 2100i Indicator & Alarm Unit have many types, one of the types was the Eurotherm 2132 temperature controller that uses advanced PID algorithms. It is kind of compact, self-tuning with 1/32 panel size that included to optimize the control performance without the need for specialist knowledge or training. This types was build with great features such as; universal input selection, two configurable outputs, three internal alarm setpoints, heater failure detection, tactile buttons and customized operator interface make this controller ideal to apply for, plastics – extrusion, chillers, sterilizers, heat treatment -small ovens, heat sealing, and trace heating.

The Benefits of Eurotherm temperature programmer / controller instrument used and installation by the types and product specification

Nowadays the automation system and controlling or monitoring process inside the industries were become one of insurance for the product quality control that need and wanting by the market and people as the segment of the sales and marketing target.

Mass and rapid industries comes with the use and installation of great and renewed technology. And so it was bring with the truth for the need and willingness to reinstall brand new instrument technology such as the controller/programmable temperature controlling units.

It was something nice that linear and comes together with the Eurotherm willingness and vision to support the industries with developed great and renewed automation and control process technology.


As reputable brand in the world of process control and automation solutions product, Eurotherm Temperature Controller was go further more towards the willingness and challenge to bring more great, easy, renewed and remarkable service and solution inside the class of the thermal and temperature controller product and panel instrument. By the time the customer want not only good product but indeed the product that made by good process and tight quality control. That's why know, the industries doing the tight inspection and monitoring for the control process inside the business process.


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