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Learn More About The SICK Proximity Sensor as the world class industrial automation sensing technologies solutions for reliable and efficient control processes

There are so many product that offered sensing and automation technologies inside the industrial class that can bring best capabilities for proximity sensing intention. One of world class proximity sensor was the SICK Proximity Sensor bring so many choices in automation and class inside of many industrial intention. At least there are six different SICK proximity sensors that were made for any intention inside the industrial automation technologies.

SICK Proximity Sensor
SICK Proximity Sensor via

SICK Proximity Sensor was made for any intention and purposes inside the industrial sensing and automation technologies. It was designing to detect many objects and material and bring the status of the object for better monitoring checked up. That’s why the SICK Proximity Sensor had many named such as Capacitive Proximity Sensors, Inductive Proximity sensors, and Magnetic Proximity Sensors.

For Further explanation about SICK’s product portfolios, stay up and check this up.

SICK Inductive Proximity Sensors

Inductive Proximity sensors are used for so many touching application that can be operated in every area of factory and logistics automation. This SICK Inductive Proximity Sensors can be one of ideal choice for non-contact detected metal object this thing can always provide the right solution to strict automation requirements. From cylindrical and rectangular standard sensors to special sensors for explosive zones and harsh environments, SICK Inductive Proximity sensors provide the best of intelligent to any automation scheme.

SICK Capacitive Proximity Sensors

SICK Capacitive Proximity sensors allow clearance in almost any installation and are extremely adaptable for a wide range of applications. It can be used for any range of material such as solid materials like paper, woods or cardboard until looking for the sensing in granulated or liquid. The SICK capacitive proximity sensor can reliably detect with the sensing range between 1-25mm.

SICK Magnetic Proximity Sensors

This sensor uses newer and smaller magnets, it is possible to solve a wider variety of applications than ever before, SICK offer the product portfolio in cylindrical (MM) and square (MQ) configurations.


SICK is one of the leading brands of industrial sensors in the world which is highly regarded as the non-contact sensor technology leader. From many aspect of the industrial and industries intention the SICK’s sensing technologies bring the coverage range from the floor automation until the safety solutions that can be the perfect basic for reliable and efficient control of processes and for protecting people from accidents. Learn More About The SICK Proximity sensor as the world class industrial automation sensing technologies solutions for reliable and efficient control processes make you fit with this product.


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