Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Product Acknowledgement of Eurotherm 2416, The Versatile and High Stability Temperature of Process Controller with Self and Adaptive Tuning

Eurotherm 2416 is main device to control The Versatile and High Stability Temperature in automation industries. Controlling the temperature was one of important matters within the engineering and industries. Good temperature controlling process can bring the right status for the engine to operating maximum and stay up in the whole of production processed. The temperature controller programmer, as we can see commonly is one of the important part of the engine that shown about the engine temperature status. One of world class brand that producing the temperature controller programing is the Eurotherm 2416.

Eurotherm 2416 Temperature Controller / Programmer

There are so many device produced by Eurotherm with the main function as the temperature controller programmer. One of the product named Eurotherm 2416 that has a great specification with affordable price.

For further more information about the product, just stay up and go within this article.

Great Eurotherm 2416 features bring perfection within the production process

As known, the temperature controller programmer is kind of importance device to be installed. It has function to control the status of the engine temperature. Eurotherm 2416 was designed with many kind of features such as: load diagnostics, heater current display, Multiple alarms on a single output, One-shot tuner with overshoot inhibition, Adaptive tuning, 24V Supply option, Auto/manual button, Setpoint rate limit, DC retransmission, PDSIO setpoint input or retransmission, Digital communications, Plug-in from front, IP65 panel sealing, Compliant with European EMC and low voltage safety directives, and of course completed with 3 Year warranty that would bring convenience for user to choose this device.

Otherwise the universal input circuit within advanced converter can set up analog to digital that operated at 9Hz and continuously gives high stability and rapid response to process the temperature information.

Customize operation completed with Eurotherm 2416 precise control put it in a perfection control system for the industries

Eurotherm 2416 has additional features namely custom LED display that was be the part of this device to provide a bright, clear display for the process value. Easy to be operated by push buttons concept to ensure positive operation will bring the access to other parameters, so it would be simple and easy to understand. In addition, it can be customize to present only thermal status.

Eurotherm 2416 would give the operator or engineers better parameters which is need to be viewed or adjusted. The parameters are locked away with password protection for securities reason. Not only with that features, this device was designing with built in front panel auto or manual button.

Inside this device, The PID control algorithm was built in programmable with the device. It was proposed as the stable ‘Straight-line’ control of the process. And so it was completed with one-shot tuner to set up the initial PID values and calculate the overshoot inhibition parameters.


The Eurotherm 2416 has been applied in various temperature control system. It has many advantages features and suitable for versatile, high stability, temperature or process controller, with self and adaptive tuning. It has a modular hardware construction which will fully configurable on-site as the great, easy to use and adaptable temperature controller programmer device. Product acknowledgement mention above will give you more knowledge how this controller works and should be applied.


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