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Sigma Thermal Industrial PLC System, Complete Choice for Industrial Automation Solution

Industrial PLC System was needed in the advanced technology industries. We can see more and greater development in many aspect inside the world of industries itself. Over the decades, people in the industries was try to found more and more to make the industrial and industries process become reliable in case of effectiveness and efficiency.

By that reason the automation solution, Industrial PLC System was become one of greater and popular ideas to bring greatest future for the industries itself. There are several aspect, many element and wide range that was touch by the Automation Solution inside the industrial business process.

From the mechanical engineering, electricity, until the way to solve the blind spot that can decreasing the number of less safety inside the industries business process was developed dramatically by the automation solution. One popular and applicable unit that help the industries to do the automation solution was the PLC or Programmable Logic Controller.

Industrial PLC System
Industrial PLC System by sigmathermal.com

The Industrial PLC System was one of unique device or controller unit system that can helped the industries to solve their capabilities within the automation solution itself. And by the time there are several manufacture that offered the PLC as one of the Automation solution for the industrial business process, from around the world.

One of the best named was Sigma Thermal, that had wide range inside the automation solution such as; Electrical and functional safety engineering and design, Burner Management & Combustion Control Systems, Basic Process Control Systems (BPCS).

Choose the best Industrial PLC System from the expert, Sigma Thermal Automation Solution and Beneficial Act

In the field of Automation Solution, Sigma Thermal already had international Certifications and Compliance such as; ISO 9001:2008 Certified, US and International Certified Hardware (CE, UL, FM, CSA, ANSI, ATEX, IEC, etc.)and so with US and International Compliant System Design (CE, FM, NFPA, and CSA, IEC, ISA,API, SIL). But in fact the certification was truly realize with great service offers that fully comprehensive and cost effective solutions to complex industrial challenges.

Other than that Sigma Thermal was completely the Automation Solution by providing best of service that was consist of highly experienced engineers, designers, programmers and fabricators, whose work together to execute all project specifications and requirements.

Sigma Thermal can bring the best of beneficial automation Industrial PLC System solution for wide range of industrial element such as:

  • Electrical and functional safety engineering and design services
  • Industrial PLC System of Sigma Thermal EE group was provides expert analysis, design, fabrication and integration to meet all project requirements to support the following project activities such as: Preliminary Engineering and the  Documentation,Drafting and Design, PLC and HMI Programming, Hardware and Software Specification, Network Design and Configuration.

  • Burner Management & Combustion Control Systems
  • Industrial PLC System of Sigma Thermal offers several Burner Management Systems (BMS) and Combustion Control Systems (CCS) to meet a wide range of customer requirements and environmental conditions. These solutions range from low cost microprocessor based systems to complex Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) using a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

  • Basic Process Control Systems (BPCS)service
  • Industrial PLC System of Sigma Thermalwas had wide range of therm and condition. On of it was to responsible for maintaining the normal operations of a plant and in many in-stances is used in the first layer of protection against unsafe conditions. Sigma Thermal BPCS are truly designed and built to meet industrial challenges with equipment operation and control.

The Industrial PLC System and the Man Beyond, Sigma Thermal was the Answer

As the unit, the Industrial PLC System itself would be always need the expert beyond that. Which is means, “the people that programing the engine was smarter than the engine”. It was one of Sigma Thermal Logic that always try to provide wide range of service for the kindness of industries.

Not only the device and the mand beyond, Sigma Thermal also consist of high integrity people that truly hard work to preserve and provide best of Automation Solution through many range of service including provide the PLC’s hardware or software.


Industrial PLC System of Sigma Thermal was a full service Automation Group that specializes in process and safety control systems, that had wide range of service including the PLC’s programing by providing the Human Resource and so with the Industrial PLC Systems for the kindness for industries itself.


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