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Moscads HMI SCADA Software, The Great SCADA Software that wasn’t only provide for the industrial intention but also educational purposes

The development of the Industrial Automation Solution and Technology was driver many console and HMI SCADA Software developer to built, reliable and easy to use HMI/SCADA Software. There are many console and software that was go in challenge to prepared better HMI/SCADA Software for the industrial demand. One of  company which provides SCADA System Solution that prepare great SCADA Software that wasn’t only provide for the industrial intention but also educational purposes.

HMI Scada Software moscads
HMI Scada Software by

Moscads HMI SCADA Software was developed built in SCADA/HMI software with many features and benefits for industries and educational process in case of Industrial Automation Solution and Supervisory control process named InduSoft Web StudioV 7.0.

Moscads HMI SCADA Software offered in Full and Free Version, InduSoft Web StudioV 7.0

InduSoft Web Studio V 7.0 HMI and SCADA Software was come in full version and free or trial version. Every version was made by MoscadsExousiafor different purposes. The free version was developed and built as the educational HMI/SCADA System Software and the full version was the complete version that was created and developed for the industrial intention.

Every version was made as great and reliable features, the differences is only how to get it. The full version, as the intention for the profit used purposes, was create as the full paid version. Of course it was design and create with complete features as HMI/SCADA Software such as:
  • Moscads HMI SCADA Software Graphic Enhancements with IWS 7.0 Drivers:
  • New 3D style buttons, embedded icons on buttons and convenient Command access give IWS a strong graphic interface. A new feature supports dynamic rotation for external imported pictures. IWS 7.0 contains over 240 built-in drivers for most PLCs, temperature controllers, motion controllers, and bar code/2D/RFID readers. New or updated drivers for Eaton ELC, Siemens, Opto 22, CAN, CANopen, and BACnet have also been developed.

  • Moscads HMI SCADA Software OPC Built on Standards
  • Continuing its tradition of OPC classic support, IWS v7.0 supports OPC UA (Client) and OPC Xi (Client). Take advantage of common industry standards to develop applications that are compatible with any format. TCP/IP, .Net, ActiveX, OPC (client and server), ADO/ODBC, COM/DCOM, OLE, DDE, XML, SOAP, and HTML are supported.

  • Moscads HMI SCADA Software Database, email and events
  • Connect to any SQL database (MS SQL, MySQL, Sybase, Oracle), or MS Access or Excel, and ERP/MES systems (includingSAP), even from Windows Embedded CE. User can send email using SMTP to desktop, email enabled phone,or any enabled device. Get real-time information on alarms, processvalues, and other events. IWS v7.0 offers traceability for operator initiated actions or internal system activity.

Moscads Exousia HMI SCADA Software completely came, distribute and design in therm of great quality

Long years experience in SCADA/HMI Solution was made Moscads Exousia HMI SCADA Software as one of greater named for the SCADA/HMI Solution. A lLots of business and industrial partners recognized the quality and Moscads services.

The range of the Moscads Exousia service and product was completely reknown in wide area. From the Automation solution provider until the IPC (Industrial PC). All service and product was completely came, distribute and design in therm of great quality.


Moscads was high and reliable HMI/SCADA software developer that design and developed industrial HMI/SCADA Software named InduSoft Web StudioV 7.0 that come up with several great features. This Scada Software consists of FREE Software for Student Only and InduSoft Web Studio V 7.0 for professional application.


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