Monday, March 21, 2016

Difference between SIS (Safety Instrumented Systems) and DCS (Distributed Control System)

SIS and DCS are the two systems are very important in the technology world. Both have their respective roles in the use of electronic equipment. For those of you who do not know what the difference between SIS (safety instrumented Systems) and DCS (Distributed Control System) then you can read the reviews below.


The definition SIS and DCS

The first difference between SIS (safety instrumented Systems) and DCS (Distributed Control System) is viewed from understanding. SIS is an abbreviation of safety instrument system consisting of a series of software engineering and hardware. This system helps the identification process in any critical incident and avoids events that cause loss. Control operation processes such as processing steam boiler, which works by identifying combustion lighting, controlling the water level in the drum and controlling the vapor pressure.

While DCS is floating from the control system using a computer or other electronic device in order to control the integrated more loop system, and can be controlled by everyone easily and quickly. DCS can be used to control processes in medium to large scale. Process-controlled process can be running continuously. Generally DCS consists of a distributed digital controller that can be exacting process of setting 1-256 LOPP in the control box. DCS system is designed to improve power systems to facilitate the use of DCS that has been equipped with a display or graphics to the user.

The function of SIS and DCS

The second difference between SIS (safety instrumented Systems) and DCS (Distributed Control System) viewed from the function. SIS serves to maintain the safety systems used to manage and control every system works. By using SIS, the system can avoid the things that make you lose. While the DCS function is as a tool to perform loops temperature control system that can work on multiple process control. In lieu of manual and automatic control tools are separated into a single unit that is easier to use. The last is as a means of gathering and processing the data in order to output the appropriate process.

That are difference between SIS (safety instrumented Systems) and DCS (Distributed Control System) when viewed from the meaning and function. Although different both have relevance in carrying out the operational systems of electronic equipment. By using both systems, then you will be easier to operate an electronic device. Both of them are useful for saving and controlling your life without any obstacles.


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