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Omron’s Compact HMI NB5Q port Review and Specifications to update projects or exchange date over a network

The Compact Omron HMI Application series consist of the NB family. The products are for easy-use and cost-effective HMI terminals. Omron’s Compact HMI is available in various sizes ranging from 3.5 inch up to 10 inch. It is ideal for many different applications as it comes with many useful features and an excellent display quality. The example of applications is ranging from a simple semi-automatic packaging machine up to a bigger in-line packaging or filling machine.

Specified to the Omron HMI Application NB5Q, this is a 5.6 inch color touch screen available in two models, TW00B and TW01B. The latter is the highest model in the class. It features a firm TFT LCD screen with a resolution of 320 x 234 pixels, the most standard screen size suitable to operate a process. The flexible window handling and popup screens can help users to create clear HMI applications. The top model of HMI NB5Q already equipped with an Ethernet and USB host port to make it easy to update projects or exchange date over a network.

Compact HMI NB5Q
Compact HMI NB5Q by

That is right that the display is one of the most important components for an Omron HMI Application. Then, NB5Q is comes with the best LCDs quality. Completing with LED backlighting TFT LCDs provides a good viewing angle and brightness. Again, supported with a large memory capacity, then your HMI application can obtain many images to create a very good looking application.

Compact Omron HMI Application NB5Q Features and Specification

Omron HMI Application NB5Q comes with best-in-class display. It equipped with 128 MB of internal memory enhancing the display. It boosted with more than 65,000 display colors for a crisper graphics. Smart design is another plus. All the design aspects are made in accordance of flexibility. Some examples are the portrait or landscape display mode and PictBridge printer connection.

It is easy to use as it supports USB memory stick, animations and easy-to-use functions, multi-language support and tool, as well as On/off-line simulation. In addition the free of charge NB-Designer software offers extended features to create an HMI application. Below is a list of the most interesting features:
  • Alarm/Event displays
  • Multiple state switches/lamps
  • Bit state switches/lamps
  • Animation and moving components
  • Recipe data display/controls
  • Trend curve and plotting charts

Omron HMI Application has a lot of Number and Text input/displays with Meter, scales and sliders, Grid and historical data displays. It has function keys, Chart and bar graphs, Vector and bitmap graphics with specification as below:
  • Data copy function
  • Macro functions
  • Multiple security options including IP65 protection
  • List and dropdown list
  • Timer function
  • Text library

One another great features of Omron HMI Application NB5Q; this is the perfect partner for Omron’s CP1 Compact Machine Controller range. The CP1 offers increasing degrees of sophistication to perfectly match your specific automation requirement and connection to the NB series is possible via Serial or Ethernet.


As the foremost thing required for creating HMI application is the display, then the Compact HMI NB5Q is a suitable partner for you. The display enhanced with rich features sourced from the free charge NB-Designer software. NB series also has everything you need in a compact HMI to accompany Omron’s popular CP1 Compact Machine Controller.


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