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Netcon 500, the powerful and outstanding RTU SCADA System

Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) is kind of device that was being a part of SCADA System Networking which is the function as the data receiver from the Master Terminal Unit (MTU). By that reason, the RTU’s was need as the integrated component and the parts of the SCADA System.

The function of the RTU’s unit become dependables. And by the day, as we can see there are lots of company and manufacturing in the wide range of industrial intention, was go with low costs in the whole of their business process and operating plants.

The dependables of industries makes RTU SCADA System unit become much more dependables than few years ago. It was challenging acts, that bring many console and automation solution developer go in pursue of offered the best and great RTU’s unit. One of great, and simply remarkable and recognized by the industries as the RTU’s unit choice for their automation solution was named with Netcon 500.

Netcon 500 RTU Scada System
Netcon 500 RTU SCADA System by

Here is in this article we would go further more with the beneficial act and features that bring by Netcon 500 that would be great kindness for the industrial automation solutions.

Netcon 500 a new-generation RTU SCADA Automation System, The key features and beneficial act

Claimed as the modern Utility IED Outstation, Netcon 500 comes as the modern generation RTU’s from Netcon Family. This RTU SCADA System was developed under the co-operation between the client and the manufacture, this Units of course was prepared with several capabilities such as; Voltage range: 24-48 V,Power consumption: < 12 W,Dual 10/100Base-TX Ethernet,Ethernet switch: 4 × 10/100Base-TX + 1 × 100Base-FX, Three V.24 serial ports, V.24 console port, Rack bus interface and V.11 GPS receiver interface.

Not only that, RTU SCADA System Netcon 500 was completed with great communication accessories, such as; Serial Port Server – SIO508, Netcon POF4V.24plastic optical fibre adapter,Process IO Modules that powered and synchronised by and communicate with the rack-internal IO bus, and so with three different sizes of rack which is available. The Netcon 500 rack named after the number of slots (each slot is about 30 mm wide): S3, S3-B; S7; S14.

All of the communication accessories was prepared and developed as the part of the Netcon 500 that can give several benefits while operating by the users such as: total cost effectiveness,easy customization,retrofitting substation in less than even one day, ability to integrate new features and products with legacy systems and protocols,easy addition of new protocols and connectivity options with the new range of IED’s

Greater than before, Netcon 500 was great RTU SCADA System for any environmental operating field. RTU SCADA System Netcon 500 outstation is a versatile, standard based remote terminal unit and control station which was designed for operating inside the harsh environment of substations with high electric and magnetic interference its fully happen because every card in the Netcon 500 has been tested and complies with the latest EMC class A directives and standards as of IEC61850-3.

More than that generation before, the RTU SCADA System Netcon 500 has been especially designed for retrofit, i.e. to replace old rack-based outstations, and at the same time act as a data concentrator and a protocol converter in the station automation system.


The RTU SCADA System Netcon 500 is a new-generation station automation system. It has a single platform with all-in-one functionality that was enhanced with a local HMI, and supports multi master that can be connected to several SCADA systems. The RTU SCADA System’s itself, was connected the station of automation systems and distributed processes so it can be controlled and monitored over a wide geographical area while local automation tasks can be processed.


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