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GLG HMI / SCADA and Visualization Toolkit with simplified graphical framework and support to display the real-time data

GLG Toolkit is a brilliant real-time HMI, SCADA and visualization graphics framework provides to not just a simple buttons and menus, but the full animated graphical objects show dynamic data and react to users’ interactions. For those or an application developer who expecting to not just a drawing tool for their projects, luckily, GLG Toolkit converts a tedious job of coding low-level graphics into such of attractive and engaging design of high-level behavior.

HMI, SCADA and Visualization
HMI, SCADA and Visualization by www.genlogic.com

The extremely flexible HMI, SCADA and visualization graphical framework is suitable for building visual interfaces that display real-time data such as operator displays for Process Control and Monitoring, SCADA/HMI emulating and diagrams, Traffic, Telemetry and Network Monitoring displays, and other mission critical applications.

The so called Graphics Builder then plays the most important role within this toolkit. Then, a large numbers of pre-built components, cross-platform libraries for a variety of Windows and Linux/Unix platforms, Java and Mobile versions are the example of the GLG Toolkits superiorities.

GLG Graphics Builder:  Point and Click HMI, SCADA and visualization Editor

This main HMI, SCADA and visualization feature provides a graphical editor with point and click interface for creating dynamic HMI and SCADA screens and diagrams. Developers can created such of complex process control and system monitoring drawings define dynamic behavior and attach real-time data sources. To build blocks they can take benefit from the pre-built components, and palettes.

HMI, SCADA and visualization Cross-Platform Deployment

HMI, SCADA and visualization works with choices of API packages ranging from the basic to intermediate and advanced level. The Toolkit comes standard with GLG Library to load, display and update the HMI screens with real-time date at run time. The Toolkit’s open and flexible framework makes it easy to embed HMI screen into existing SCADA applications without the need to rewrite the existing code.

HMI, SCADA and visualization Widget and Custom Components

A huge library of pre-build widgets including dials and meters, graphs, avionics gauges, process control widgets and other graphical components.  All the widgets are built on top of the Toolkit’s object engine and their behavior is encapsulated in the component’s drawing.

HMI, SCADA and visualization Configurator for OEM Use

Another beneficial use of HMI, SCADA and visualization GLG Toolkit, it is come with GLG HMI Configurator. This is a simplified of the HMI editor for the end-users and may be used for OEM distribution by system integrator. In extend, it can also extensively customized with custom actions, icons, dialogs, data browser and other custom features. With the HMI Configurator, an operator can create and configure HMI displays by dragging and dropping pre-built components from the provided component libraries and connect them to data sources.

HMI, SCADA and visualization GLG Toolkit Features

HMI, SCADA and visualization has Simplified Development Process as  common application requires creating a dynamic screen displaying the current state of a process control, network monitoring or any other mission critical system. In addition, it is also having specific features such as:
  1. Inherent Dynamics with Unlimited Geometrical Dynamics: Support full 2D and 3D geometrical dynamics using geometrical transformations.
  2. Scalable Vector Graphics: Automatically resized to fit the new screen size with Choice of OpenGL or Native GDI renderer
  3. Image and DXF Import: A JPEG, GIF or BMP image may be imported into a drawing to be used as a drawing background or an image icon and used in large drawings or drawings with complex dynamics.
  4. Advanced Graphical Features under Cross-Platform C/C++ for Windows, Unix and Linux


GLG Toolkit is a perfect HMI/SCADA visualization tool with simplified graphical framework and support to display the real-time data. The Graphics Builder is the main feature of the Toolkit that provides the point and click graphical editor. It provides to not just a simple buttons and menus, but the full animated graphical objects show dynamic data and react to users’ interactions.


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