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Netcontrol Distribution Automation System Products Review that offers the detailed local intelligence system for remote controlling of electricity networks and disconnecting faulty networks

Netcontrol Distribution Automation System offers the detailed local intelligence system for remote controlling of electricity networks and disconnecting faulty networks. If you want to reach deep into the network and meet your electricity consumers’ expectations, then the three products will be reviewed in this article will gives you high scale of benefits. The major benefit is you can control the network and assets only at small switching stations.

Netcontrol Distribution Automation product range consists of Retrofit motor actuators for ground/pad mounted switchgear, SCADA ready high speed actuators for over-head load break switches and disconnectors and SCADA ready remote switch RTUs.

Distribution Automation System
Distribution Automation System by

Instead of that, you will require these distribution automation system devices as to recording real-time data in the field and delivering it back to the control center. All the devices are designed and tested to function properly and reliably in extreme and harsh conditions. Plus, it comes with ready-made and user-friendly web-based interface, easy and quick installation. The built-in firewalls and VPN tunnel encryption in addition, make the data secure.  Netcon Application Manager software allows engineers to manage systems centrally, so that configuration changes and updates are simple and straightforward.

All the Netcontrol Distribution Automation System products are modular and customizable, so there are no risk products becoming outdated within their operational lifetime.

Netcontrol Distribution Automation System Actuators

Netcontrol Distribution Automation System is available two type of Netcontrol actuators, NME 200 and Netcon 1. NME 200 is a maintenance-free electric driven operating device aimed for advanced level of supervision and control of pole-mounted air-break switches, load break switches and disconnector. The unit can be a part of the NetMan System, which is remotely controlled by a network concentrator or can be connected to a SCADA system via an OEM RTU and communication device.

In addition, Netcon 1 is a strong and reliable actuator for pole mounted disconnector of over head lines. It includes control logic and RTU supporting several alternatives to communication protocols.

NetTrafo Distribution Automation System

NetTrafo MV/LV Distribution Automation System transformer is designed for pole mounted places having long distance to low voltage network, low power need and relatively short distance to medium voltage network. It is used for use on pole mounted RTU’s, street lighting, and illuminated billboards. The main features are including low power consumption, low losses, and easy to install.

Netcon RTU8 and RTU8-IP Distribution Automation System

Netcon RTU8 and RTU8-IP Distribution Automation System is the versatile network routing equipped with control panel for local control, actuator control logic, RTU telecontrol, connection for RTU8-slave bus, modem (for slave bus or radio communication), and power supply supervision and also alarm functions.  It is enhanced with battery voltage measurement, battery deep discharge protection and low voltage and shutdown alarms.

The RTU8 is a telecontrol designed for medium voltage disconnector applications. It works very well by integrating actuator control with standard RTU functionality. Netcon RTU8-IP is the enhanced version of the RTU8 with 10 BASE-T Ethernet connection support and three vacant V.24 serial ports. It supports slave protocols IEC 60870-5-101 and IEC 60870-5-104.


Netcontrol Distribution Automation System provides a high scale, versatile and wide-range of Distribution Automation applications for remote controlling of electricity networks and disconnecting faulty networks. Retrofit with older switchgear is straightforward, because we design all our equipment to be vendor independent. Remember that the all products are modular and customizable, integrating all necessary functions in a single compact module.


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