Thursday, April 28, 2016

NS Series Omron HMI Touch Screen allow the users to create screen interface fast, that can save on manpower cost

The industry always wanting and looking more for brand new technology and development in many aspect. It is something fully reasonable, because Industry have to developed themself to pursue the challenge in product perfection and production capacity day by the day that allow the users to create screen interface fast, that can save on manpower cost.

“Sales and market cannot wait”, said the industrial expert. The market map and demand was change everyday it was means that many aspect that involved with industrial process has to be changed. The Automation Solution was one of good idea that change the face of industry since several years ago. Many aspect that involved with the Automation Solution and technology, from the small to the biggest component, from hardware and so with the software developing already developed with many manufacture, and console developer.

Omron HMI Touch Screen NS

One of famous Automation Solution and technology named Omron was provide many aspect in Industrial Automation included the HMI Touch Screen that remarkably known as one of important unit in HMI/SCADA systems. NS Series Omron HMI Touch Screen was offered to the public with several types such as NS5, NS8, NS10, NS12, NS15. Omron NS Series HMI Touch Screen has general characteristic such as;built-in type, fieldbus network, with integrated HMI touch screen.

Built-in PLC fieldbus / with integrated touch screen HMI Omron NS Series General Specification

NS5, NS8, NS10, NS12, NS15 from NS Series Omron HMI Touch Screen families was developed with General Specification such as; 24 VDC rated power supply, 20.4 to 27.6 VDC (24 VDC ± 15%) allowable voltage range, 0 to 50 °C ambient operating temperature, -20 to 60 °C storage temperature, 35 to 85% (0 to 40 °C), 35 to 60% (40 to 50 °C) (with no condensation) ambient operating humidity, no corrosive gases operating environment, Conforms to IEC61000-4-4, 2 kV (power lines) as the noise immunity, shock resistance (during operation) 147 m/s2 3 times each in direction of X, Y, and Z,degree of protection front operating panel: IP65 oil-proof type and NEMA4 UL type 4 may not be applicable in locations with long-term exposure to oil. 5 years Battery life (at 25°C).

Most of NS Series Omron HMI touch screen, was developed as the robust HMI Industrial Touch Screen that can be dependables and supported all kind of Industrial Automation Solution that Integrated Systems. By that reason, every Omron Product was comes with many quality tested.

Omron NS Series HMI Touch Screen; The Best Choice for Automation System

As dedicated industrial touch screen Omron NS Series is a solid choice for industrial operator stations due to its reliability, maintainability, and ease-of-programming. And also it was can be an answer for the need of network connectivity, programming flexibility, and local data storage drove the demand for panel-PCs. Otherwise Omron NS Series would be areliability and maintainability, while introducing significant programming complexity.

Omron's NS-Series Advanced HMI incorporates the features sought by users of panel-PCs into the proven, easy-to-use platform of the dedicated industrial touch screen. It is truly a hybrid platform, providing the best HMI Touch Screen ideas.


Omron's NS-Series Advanced HMI was a human-machine interface (HMI) that can be depend on. It was provides for all application what would be needs. It has upgraded networking features and image progress. Its allow the users to create screen interface fast, that can save on manpower cost.


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