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HMI Modbus RTU: QuickHMI SCADA/HMI Software with wide range of possibilities including multiple and complex functions visualization based on drag and drop functionality

For purpose of HMI Modbus RTU, QuickHMI packs all-round talent of system visualization to create SCADA/HMI systems. The awarded application of system visualization is ready for industrie 4.0. Users can take benefit of a wide range of possibilities including multiple and complex functions visualization based on drag&drop functionality. With QuickHMI users can control and manage the projects anytime within cross-platform of operating system. The state-of-the-art HTML-Manager is implemented with individual designs or scripting in just a few steps. Then, Private persons use one license in its entirety free of charge. The mentioned above is the main feature of the QuickHMI Antelope that forwarding the principle of free of charge and unique.

HMI Modbus RTU
HMI Modbus RTU by

QuickHMI Modbus RTU is designed innovatively and works on cross-platform. Here are the complete features of QuickHMI as below:

HMI Modbus RTU Features of QuickHMI

HMI Modbus RTU QuickHMI Individually extendable with HTML and Java-Script-Scripting with simple visualization of complex technologies (extensive industrial facilities or private use). It has more than 4.000 vector-based and HTML5-based graphics with Quick project visualization using drag & drop.

QuickHMI is User friendly step-by-step assistant and affordable und simple license system for companies and free of charge licenses for private persons. It Interface to most recent database systems. It is Connects with external HTML-services and controlled with Linux, Windows, MacOSx, Android  (iOS coming soon). It is ccompatible to Siemens S7-PLCs as well as to a lot of other CPU-Producers, supports Beckhoff TwinCAT2, TwinCAT3, Modbus-Protocol as well as OPC-DA and OPC-UA interfaces and secure Android application

Functions of HMI Modbus RTU QuickHMI

HMI Modbus RTU QuickHMI player runs under Windows, Linux, OSx runnable on 32 and 64 bit systems and Compatible with HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. It is really having Modern and efficient Client – Server architecture. In addition this Modbus RTU has Almost unlimited possibilities with embedding of own HTML and Java scripting and external archive server (file system, Oracle or MSSql database) to data accesses out of the QuickHMI system to data accesses out of the QuickHMI system.

HMI Modbus RTU has command Interface (file system, Oracle or MS SQL database) to write to the QHMI system from outside, with optional encryption, Free WYSIWYG Editor and User management. It has Graphical operations like Animations, zoom, etc. performed on graphic cards GPU / relieves computer CPU with Central configuration tool for runtime settings.

HMI Modbus RTU QuickHMI player can Translates texts / support of multi languages by Central action management. It is enable Pinning or flipping open header and footer with Page and control zoom, Switch ‚on the fly‘ from edit to runtime mode and Integrated alarm and messaging system.

For better performance result, it is completed with Image resource management and Visualization of database content Includes OPC DA client and Supports Modbus-Protokoll TCPIP, RUT and ASCII with Android QuickHMI-player app available.


QuickHMI is a very helpful toolkit to support the SCADA/HMI systems development. It offers cross-platform and many innovative technologies. The advanced visualization system features is the key feature that will accomplish a wide range of possibilities including multiple and complex functions visualization based on drag and drop functionality.


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