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NB Series Omron HMI Touch Screen with extensive graphic, communication, security, and troubleshooting features

The HMI or Human Machine Interface technology was developed greater and faster this decade. The Industries and Industrial Automation Solution builder would always wanting and looking for the last and greater idea in HMI technology especially for better, reliable and easy to use HMI Touch Screen.

Many generations, models and types of HMI Touch Screen was developed by HMI console developer. One of famous and greater named inside the HMI Touch Screen developer was Omron HMI Touch Screen.

Omron HMI Touch Screen
HMI Touch Screen by

Omron, was the Industrial Automation company that make a lot of things for the industrial Automation Solution. From the Automation Systems units until the Switching Components was produces by Omron. And at the same time offered and used by many industries that need and applu the technology of Automation Solution. Here in this article we would go further more with NB Series Omron HMI Touch Screen features and product overview.

OmronNB Series HMI Touch Screen; Best in class display with rich Features

Developed with 3.5, 5.6, 7, and 10.1 inch sizes65K Colour TFTdisplay, combine with 50,000 Hour Long-life LED Backlight, Vector Graphics and Animation Simultaneous Comm  Ports, troubleshooting screens for Omron CP1 PLCs, offline simulation, and scalable projects between model sizes. Make this wide viewing angle NB Series Omron HMI Touch Screen as the best in class display HMI Touch Screen.

Those great aspect in wide viewing angle was completed with features such as; alarm or event displays,bit state switches/lamps, multiple state switches/lamps,list and dropdown list, animation and moving components,recipe data display/controls, number and text input/displays, trend curve and plotting charts,chart and bar graphs,meter, scales and sliders,grid and historical data displays,function keys, timer function,vector and bitmap graphics, data copy function,text library,macro functions, and multiple security options make this HMI Touch Screen as one of great choice with lots of benefits instalation.

Time saving, Economic and Perfect partner for Cp1 as member of The Omron NB-Series HMI Touch Screen family

The Omron NB-Series HMI Touch Screen family was devloped to provides as time saving and economical HMI lineup for machine builders. And not only that it was the perfect partner for Omron Cp1 that was popular as Compact Machine Controller range.

The CP1 itself, offers increasing degrees of sophistication to perfectly match your specific automation requirement and connection to the NB series is possible via Serial or Ethernet. Many features of the NB HMI can directly interface with the CP1 PLC memory, like; recipe, alarms and switching windows. Also it can created some special screens for CP1 to read PLC statuses, configured settings and error information. By that fact it was make Omron NB Series HMI Touch Screen family as kind of great, robust and easy to use HMI Touch Screen unit.


Omron NB-Series HMI Touch Screen family provides a feature-rich dependable, economical HMI lineup for machine builders. It is also the best choice interface to use with Omron CP1 family micro-PLC applications, with many models to suit, no matter the industry. Save time, money, and hassle with extensive graphic, communication, security, and troubleshooting features.


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