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Winlog Pro, The Best HMI SCADA software solutions from SIELCO SISTEMI

HMI SCADA software solutions is part of The Human Machine Interface(HMI) device and becoming as something that totally needed by the industries. As we known, since several years later. The industries was become developer more in any aspect of the industrial parts. From the technology of manufacturing process until the control system of the managerial aspect was go further more with many aspect of the automation solution.

Laterally, the industries need more for the SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system. As one of the popular software platform for the industries automation solution, the SCADA system become more popular and needed by the industries and manufacturing.

HMI SCADA Software by www.sielcosistemi.com 

By that reason, many console developer was developing more HMI SCADA software solutions for the industrial intention based with the SCADA system. And so with SIELCO SISTEMI as the world class named in the world of automation solution that developed the Winlog Pro as a SCADA software package for the supervision of industrial and civil plants. Here is in this article we would go further more with the beneficial and main features bring by the Winlog Pro. Then lets go further more.

HMI SCADA software solutions Winlog Pro: main features and beneficial aspects

HMI SCADA software solutions has simple, flexible and economical  application. The Winlog Pro development purposes create by SIELCO SISTEMI. Winlog Pro totally created for the kindness of the industrial and manufacturing itself. This HMI SCADA software solutions bring several main features such as:

  • Multilanguage HMI applications
  • TCP/IP Client Server support with Intranet/Internet architecture
  • Integrated SCADA system language that extensive driver library
  • Symbols and complex graphic objects
  • Communication via wired or GSM networks to make reports accessible from Excel, Access, etc.

HMI SCADA software solutions Winlog Pro provides different tools (Gate Builder, Template Builder,Code Builder) for the easy and intuitive creation of multilanguage applications and totally developed with extensive library of drivers (i.e. Modbus, Siemens MPI and PPI, Allen-Bradley Ethernet-IP and DF1, Omron Host Link and FINS, etc.).

This software allow communication with most electronic devices such as PLCs, controllers, communication with most electronic devices such as PLCs, controllers, motor drives, i/o modules; special functions can be integrated directly by the developer; standard format of history files (DBF, CSV) and ODBC (SQL) support ensure interface with most Windows applications (Excel, Access, etc.). Winlog Pro makes it possible to set up a distributed Client/Server architecture with TCP/IP protocol on Intranet/Internet network or to create web applications accessible from standard browsers; both wired and mobile (GSM) telephone network can be used to communicate with remote devices or to send SMS.

HMI SCADA software solutions Winlog Pro as great solution

The industrial IT support always wanting the great and precise SCADA software for the industrial automation solution. And by that challenge SIELCO SISTEMI was developed the Winlog Pro as the answers.

The HMI SCADA software solutions Winlog Pro Development tools include Symbol Factory 2.0 as the most popular library of automation graphic objects with over 4,000 manufacturing and industrial objects such as pumps, valves, motors, tanks, PLCs, piping, ISA symbols, etc; an integrated editor allows resizing and changing colour, scheme and orientation of objects (bitmap or metafile). A library of powerful graphic objects is also provided, with circular (Dial, GearDial) and linear (Vslider, Hslider) potentiometers, pointer (120Meter, 180Meter, 270Meter) and linear (Vmeter, Hmeter) indicators, thermometers (ThermoMeter), switches and selectors (RockerSwitch, ToggleSwitch), would give the crystal clear graphic libraries information  that would be great for the industrial automation solution and control process.


HMI SCADA software solutions was needed for the supervision of industrial and civil plants. One of the great software that ever developed was Winlog Pro that developed by SIELCO SISTEMI. It has many several benefits. A lots of SCADA Sytems that was developed for the industrial automation solution through HMI SCADA software.


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