Monday, May 2, 2016

Everything You Need to Know About Compact Industrial PC

The technology world especially for the computer is the one world that has the best development in this modern era. It is the reason of the expert for maintaining the system by adding many kinds of the components and also the best resolution of the computer. The one of the newest computer is Compact Industrial PC.

If we talk about industrial computer we will imagine about the complicated industrial in creating the best component for computer. And in here the computer kind is the personal computer. Internet is becoming the best media for the users in the modern life. Many jobs uses the personal computer. They need network and also need the internet for knowing the update information for supporting their daily activities.

Compact Industrial PC is the one of the industrial computer that has the better specification for supporting the technology system. It is why for the users who always use it as the best kind of PC. The important thing of this PC is the sensor itself. The sensor will be developed as the best component of the PC.

Actually, the special ting of Compact Industrial PC is the compact size of this PC that will give the additional power for operating the PC. The additional computer will be the best component for making it better component in order to send in a computer system.

Compact Industrial PC

The Specification of Compact Industrial PC

The specification of this compact PC is different with the other PC. Because eon each industrial PC has their own industrial that will be able to make them more special that the other PC.

  1. It has low heat
  2. The low heat because of the processor include do not need fan as the controlling the temperature.

  3. The compact size is 48 x 164 x 119 mm
  4. It is the best size of Compact Industrial PC that will give the better resolution or the PC’s function.

  5. There are some kinds of processor us din this compact PC
  6. They area the professor that has size of 1, 46 GHz (one core); 1, 75 GHz (two cores),
    1, 91 GHz (four cores)

  7. The performance range of Compact Industrial PC is flexible
  8. It can use medium range and also the complex medium. It is based on the application used.

  9. The size of the RAM is 2 GB
  10. The type is DDR3L. But actually it can be put the 8 GB RAM size.

  11. Here are some  best component that support the Compact Industrial PC system
  12. Those components are the DVI-I connector, 2 GB Cast card, 2.0 port USB, Ethernet Adapter 2x 100/ 1000BASE-T and others.

Besides, the Compact Industrial PC also has some best additional components, such multiple communication port, and memory and expansion options.


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