Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The World of Panasonic SF4B Light Curtain

Panasonic SF4B Light Curtain is type one kind of the safety sensor. The safety sensor itself is the part of the sensors. Sensors are the part of automation products. So the automation product will be worked because of the availability of e sensor as the controller tools.

Panasonic SF4B Light Curtain
Panasonic SF4B Light Curtain by panasonic.co.jp

The characteristic of Panasonic SF4B Light Curtain

  1. Panasonic SF4B Light Curtain is divided into three different beam pitches. They are 10 mm pitches, 20 mm pitches, and 40 mm pitches. And I is also divided into 41 models.
  2. It is flexible without ad zone of the connection series. So the impact is making the short response time for about 14 ms.
  3. The control is integrated to the muting style. So it can fix the blanking function.
  4. There is self-diagnostic system for getting the best independent resolve.
  5. There are some accessories supported like cable, external safety control units, extension cable, slit masks, corner mirror, and others.
  6. There is the displayed LED for simplifying the mounting beam-axis alignment.
  7. It is also handy.
  8. It is without any interference.

The specification of Panasonic SF4B Light Curtain

  1. From the sensor type, Panasonic SF4B Light Curtain has the type 4 EN61496-1/-2.
  2. Use the EN954-1 safety category.
  3. The operating range is 0,3-7,0 m for the SF4B-F, 0,3-9,0 m for SF4B-H, and for SF4B-A.
  4. Panasonic SF4B Light Curtain use 10 mm up to 40 mm resolution.
  5. Use the opaque detection capability.
  6. There is output transistors with the type is OSSD1 and OSSD2.
  7. The physics of Panasonic SF4B Light Curtain use aluminum, acrylic lens cover, polycarbonate cap and ABS.
  8. The connection method applied on this Panasonic SF4B Light Curtain is using cable with connector.
  9. Then the temperature for the usable ambient is -100C to +550C.
  10. For the Weight based on the type of each SF4B. for example I the SF4B-F23 the height is 230 mm, the length is 286 mm, and the number of the beam handles is 23 mm. then it will be different with the SF4B-F127 with the height is 1270 mm, the length is 1326 mm, and the number of the beam channels is 127 mm.
  11. The typical application includes the serial connection, muting function, and blanking function.
  12. There are some product download, like CAD, data Sheet, flyer, manual, and short form.

It is will be kind of safety sensor besides also support with many it’s characters and specification.


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