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High Performance Vector Control Inverter Goodrive Series from INVT, Types, Features and Beneficial Aspect

The industrial aspect one of this is vector control inverter was developed, it was affect wide area and range inside all of the industrial bussiness process.  All of them  used to support the industrial needed and intention. From the automation solution until the vector control Interface that becoming one of important parts for the industries and industrial itself.

Nowadays, the movement of the industrial developed was growth to several aspect. Such as safety, the engginering solution that combined with IT’s support development and so with the eligible device that can handle all the motoric movement inside the industries intention. The new wave, new paradigm and new working process. The industrial development was asking the greatest, easy and realible way within the IT’s  and Mechanical Combining process.

Vector Control Inverter
Vector Control Inverter by

Vector Control Inverter is one of important device that need by the industries who belonging with the automation solution in the aspect of industrial electrical and mechanical aspect. It was so much challenging and competitive, because the perfection through the automatic and electrical solution already wanting by the people who belonging as “Industries Peoples”.

One of “globally leading and respected provider for products and services of industrial automation and electric power” named INVT was offered reliable, high-performance vector control inverter called Goodrive Series.

Goodrive Series was high-performance vector control inverter that designed for asynchronous motor and synchronous motor for speed control for the industries purposes. Goodrive Series was born with several types of vector control inverter such as Goodrive310 Series, Goodrive300 Series, and Goodrive100 Series. Here in this article series we would try to look further more with INVTGoodrive Series vector control inverter.

INVTGoodrive Series, Product Types, Features and Beneficial Aspect

Every INVTGoodrive Series vector control inverter was designed as applicable asynchronous motor and synchronous motor for speed control for the industrial kindness. Every series was bring greatest features for several intention. In this section we would go further more with it.

  1. Goodrive 310 Series, the High Performance Vector Control Inverter
  2. This vector control inverter was come with several features such as; thermal simulation technique; therefore, it has good heat dissipation effect and maintains high reliability, built-in C3 EMI filter to eliminate interference from outside and enhancesystem compatibility, high-quality hardware with wide input voltage range, support DC input, DC bus, built-in braking unit (below 30KW), external high-performance LED keyboard, a great quantity of I/O terminals, C3 EMI filter, etc, wide input voltage range to meet various working environment at user’s location, and it also supports DC voltage input, supports common DC bus, supports independent control power supply to facilitate debugging by users, built-in braking unit has the maximum power at 30KW (inclusive), 5 High-performance LED keyboard, multiway I/O terminals; 3-way analog input; 2-way analog output; 8-way standard digital input, maximum frequency: 1KHz; 1-way high-speed digital input, maximum frequency: 50KHz; 1-way high-speed digital output,1-way terminal Y open collector output,
    More than that Goodrive310 series passes various tests in terms of high temperature, low temperature, low pressure and vibration, which ensures high reliability before delivery.

  3. Goodrive 300 Series, High Precisionand Stable Performance in Motor Drive Control
  4. Same with other INVT Vector Control Inverter devices, this device was build as asynchronous motor and synchronousmotor control inverter. By that purposes this series was completed with several reliable and great features such as;32-digit DSP and advanced vector control algorithm to achieve high performance and high precision in motor drive control, SVC: 1:200; starting torque: 0.25Hz/ 150%; multiple braking modes; quick magnetic flow brake without braking resistor to give Excellent Performance, compact structure, independent air duct, high power density and low requirements on installation environment as strong and adaptability features, and multiple functions that come up from two sets of motor parameters, V/F separate control, virtual terminal function, rotational speed tracking, relay delay output.

  5. Goodrive 100 Series Economic Vector Control Inverter
  6. The economic way was the great way, this vector control inverter series was come up with several great features such as; Excellent motor drive performance with autoturning of rotation or static, independent duct design capable of supporting wall mounting and (through wall) flange mounting, built-in C3 filter (standard), external LED keypad (standard), product design strictly complies with IEC international standards and has passed the CE certification testing of the international authoritative certification TUV-SUD.


Goodrive Series was high-performance vector control inverter developed by INVT that completed with  high reliability, strong adaptability to working environment, human-oriented function, flexible application and stable performance features. This inverter was designed for asynchronous motor and synchronous motor for speed control for the industries purposes.


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